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Friday, May 04, 2007

im having one installed in the bitch pool.

stripper poles: you can't live with em, you can't live without em.

(Alena Downs on

this girl's super hot. but i seriously just wanna meet her at the Olive Garden around the corner for lunch and have a chat with her. ya know, ply her with breadsticks and pick her brain for a couple hours. we can discuss politics and poetry. chicken alfredo pizza? yes please. how do you get your legs over your head like that? another round of diet pepsi for me and my pole dancer friend, please. thanks. so, do you use any sort of chalk on your hands? ooh, look, theyre bringing us MORE salad. mmm yummy. do you think stripping should be an olympic sport? cause i do. you're dreamy Alena Downs. not quite sure i agree with her song choice in this vid. but im fascinated by the fact that she's in knee-high boots and pole what looks like a second bedroom at her apartment. that's what dedication to your craft is all about, people! you cant half-ass it & just go to the strip club and get all of your experience in a few minutes on stage each night. its the true soldiers who bring that shit HOME with them.

i am going to get a stripper pole installed in the next apartment or house i live in that i know i'll be staying in for more than 3 months (im a rolling stone, you see). did you know that you can get one delivered to you, with easy install instructions for less than $300? if used correctly, i say you'd get your moneys worth in the first week of use.

you can see LOTS more of Alena's vids by going to her youtube profile @

this one<-- is especially impressive.


Anonymous said...

OMG That was... I'm speachless

arlan said...

the more vids you watch, the more you see her talent. it really is impressive. i wish she could be the blog's cheerleader and just make vids for us. that'd be sweet!

Anonymous said...

To have that much upper body strength is insane!!!!!

Megan said...

arlan, i think you just made my life.

holy effing christ....this chick is mesmerizing.

i've never seen anything like that. strippers aren't my cup o tea, but she is a freaking athlete...that strength is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wow thats awesome! Oh how i wish i was that pole!! lol

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmm nice not usually into strippers

but this girl just looks like she could be your lady just warmin ya up for.............gonna stop now ;p

CRYSTAL said...

i love strippers! i went to my first club like last week and it was great, they loved me and said i was adorable, im sure they dont get many/any girls in my small town

but yea this girl is pure entertainment!

The Promo Homo said...

they have pole dancing classes at my gym.

I don't think my gym could be any more LA.

...but it does take an incredible amout of strength and guts. It's fucking really impressive.

I almos got a pole installed in my apartment when I was still working at Hustler Hollywood. They sell some rockin' ones there.

Amanda said...

you can get a stripper pole at spencers for about $100 (i think around that price) and you can take it with you when you leave or decide to move it!