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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I want my M(cphee)TV

One of my friends who lives near me gave me her old TV yesterday! I hadn't seen any television in about 5 weeks (but who's counting) because I had to give mine away when I moved. So she's a lifesaver. Thanks Jaimie! The one sad thing is, I got it only hours after my wife Katharine Mcphee-Hamilton (shhh) appeared on Leno Friday night. Loyal reader and my sister-in-lez Shaye informed me today that it's now available on youtube. So here ya go:

And yes, in case you're wondering, I did help her pick out the dress(es) for this performance. I was going for a *lezbot* meets *let me almost see your vajayjay* meets *what she normally wears right before we do it* motif...

Oh, and you know Celine Dion has that signal to her oozeband Rene whenever she performs? I think its whenever she pounds her chest and releases a dove...or pulls on her ear, or some shiz. that's her "secret" signal to him to say she loves him. Well, the wifey and I do go back and watch the clip again. Anytime she shimmies, drops it like its hot, or sashays, its her signal to me that she misses me and she'll be back home soon. And anytime she flips her hair, it's her signal that I should check the stove cause she might have left it on accidentally.

Yesterday after I got the tv, I watched HOURS of "Gunsmoke", as well as discovering "Hey Paula" and even catching the "Good Times" episode where Penny was burned by her crazy mama! I also watched 3 hours of "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" know that movie with Jude Law and Haley Joel Os...whatever? I've seen it before years ago, but I forgot how freakin' AWESOME it is! And I don't normally like sci-fi movies at all. This one just has so much imagination and so many surprises. It makes you wonder and dream bigger...and hope harder...much like Oprah. *sigh* And after my "Girlfriends" marathon to end the night, I have to say that Persia White is STILL fine. DAMN YALL!


Anonymous said...

Hey arlan this is my first time commenting. I know you want us all to be jealous of your wife but do you really have to rub it in by letting her wear her sexy barely there nightgown? But other than that i really loved that clip.dont get mad cuz i watched that like 12 times.

arlan said...

its ok k.lo. i completely understand. completely. looky but no touchy. :-)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask you if you picked her outfits and the concept for her 'love story' video. except instead of her crawling over the table to the dude she was crawling to you.