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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Carla Gugino: Milk Does a Body Good

I think we can all agree that the movie "Troop Beverly Hills" was one of the true masterpieces of our time. Why it didn't win an Oscar for best picture is totally beyond me. I'm considering asking for a recount. But it was...18 years ago. A more innocent time. A more naive time.

Long before we knew Jenny Lewis would become an
indie rock goddess, she rocked her way into our hearts in an effort to sell the most cookies this side of Wilshire. Long before Rosario became Karen's real only true love on Will & Grace, she let the kids know that she don't need no stinking patches, and neither do we. The diamonds in the rough that came out of that movie are far too many to list. But today, at 1:30 in the a.m., I want to spotlight one of the young ladies, Carla Gugino. You loved her then as a 13 year old with a tough exterior and a heart of gold, and today, you love her for ALL that body, and all this gay wetness:

(from the 1996 movie "Jaded")

From the reviews I've read, it's not even worth looking at the dvd case, let alone renting and watching the whole thing. I hear there's all sorts of female on female rape nastiness, bad acting and bad hair. None of these things are appealing to me in the least so I've given you the best 20 seconds of it.

And since I just watched an hour of Cat Deeley on tivo and am in a good mood, I'll give you this bonus clip from Carla's recent work on HBO's "Entourage."

Who was your favorite girl scout in Troop Beverly Hills? Mine was a tie between Jenny Lewis (there was somethin about her even back then) and that little black girl who could sing like Mavis Staples. I wish she would come to my 27th birthday party and sing for me all night. Where are you little Mavis Staples? Where are you??


Megan said...

Carla Gugino played a lesbian in Sin City..small part, but she has a little nude scene if you were wondering ;)

Anonymous said...

shes really hot . am i the only one who hasnt seen sin city lol i must rent it

Shaye said...

Um... chyeah... *drools*

arlan said...

kinda cool...son in law is on right now on CMT. oh the memories...

Anonymous said...

She's def. NOT hot, but seeing Tori Spelling having to act like a spoiled little rich girl....oh wait...ooohhh ... she wasn't acting. Cuz that's what she is, but now she's broke, like the rest of sad:) riiight.

Sophie said...

Hey arlan, check it outtt, your wifey has been snapped accidentally flashing her cute cute knicker-clad bum:

Thank youuu McPhee!
(I didn't include the picture where she was sorting out her wedgie...)

Audio Taco said...

thanks to IMDB i know who that is! she's going to be in the new Watchmen movie.


PS: my new blog is up! check it out and tell me what you think..