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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

from the Uh Huh Her show in L.A.

15 seconds. yep cause thats all my cell phone can handle:-)

the show was on Sunday in L.A. at their label's office. it was a LOT of fun! if you guys have any questions about the show or the day, let me know and i'll answer them in the comments!

here's some AWESOME footage from in front of the stage that someone else posted on youtube...45 more seconds;-)

Uh Huh Her is Leisha Hailey & Camila Grey.


Anonymous said...

she is soooo talented..i have loved her forever..I 'm such a fan in Phoenix, az...Samantha Duran, 27

Anonymous said...

how long did they play and how crowded was it?

arlan said...

i think they did...6 songs if i remember correctly. the actual performance went by really fast. maybe 30 mins tops. but leisha commented on that at the end and joked about how they only have a few songs.

the place was tiny and i think they said it had a 150 capacity. id say it was 80% full. im not sure how that happened because i was expecting at least twice that many people to show up.

but it was awesome the way it was. leisha and camila signed autographs for a LONG time afterwards. no one was turned away and everyone got time to talk to them, etc.

Anonymous said...

Arlan, frist thing: your blog is great.. I'm reading all the old stuff and I think is very good!

is that true that Nina Graduno and Clea Duval were at the UHH performance? have u seen them?

thanks so much!

FranziSka from Italy

arlan said...

hey franziska,

Clea Duvall was there, yes. i dont know what Nina looks like, so im not sure if she was or not. but she probably was! :-)

Clea is super nice...anyone who's met her probably can agree. she's very approachable and a little shy. but very well-spoken and highly intelligent. good chick:-)

cait said...

omg leisha hailey is SOOOOO sexy when she's singing!!!! aaaaah!