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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Purple kisses...

I've been a fan of the Lovegirls site since it first launched a few months ago. It's executed SO well. And it's about British lesbians. I needn't say more, gov'na.

Here are two things that they've recently done to make me love them even more:

1. Their new "Wall of Kisses", where they invite you to send in pictures of you kissing your girlfriend/significant other, and look at other chicks doing the same. Brilliant!

2. Their article about the purple string idea I came up with last December.


Brian said...

Arlan, hopefully you and other lesbians/bisexual women are not offended that I find that Wall of Kisses page VERY erotic!!! :-)

--Brian (the one who sent the Eternal clip)

sugar_princess said...

lol thanks for the link, I have another lesbian site to waste my hours on =P

Already uploaded a pic for the wall hahaha


Sonnie said...

I remember when you posted that article about the purple string. I had planned to do that... not sure what happened...

But yes, very good site indeed.