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Monday, August 20, 2007

Want to laugh for 8 minutes?

I aim to please:

(Gina Yashere)

I met this chick yesterday, and she's just as fabulous in person. Thank you to Louise from england for originally telling me about her!

See more clips right now on Gina's youtube profile and visit her official site at


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Gina and have done for a really long time, she's fantastically funny and i'm so jealous you got to meet her!!

danni said...

OMG, she was soo funny, seriously I just had the most shittest day ever, and I saw ya blog which I ready faithly everyday and I had to watch it twice, yall really made my day...thank arlan;-)

...maggie... said...

"I got a form of Tourettes.


thx arlan.

Kae Tee said...

Hahahaha she's brilliant.

Samantha said...

I loved her on Last Comic Standing.....I still can't believe she's off of it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

julia said...

Haha. She has a strong accent but from what I understood she is hilarious, Arlan!

casey said...

ice cream?? i need to hook up a date, yo!