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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

calling those of you who are 17 and under...

alrighty im going to try to do this as delicately as possible. today i received the following message from a 17 year old:

"My girlfriend and i have been with each other for quite some time now.
=] [= and uhm...all we can seem to think about is sex...uhm uhm uhm...
How do we approach it? All we really get as far as is hardcore kisses and nibblez...
help pwease?"

since this lovely lady is under 18, i felt that i should not touch this question with a ten foot pole. but i still wanted to help her. sooo...i told her i would open the suggestion *box* to my awesome readers.

if you are 17 and UNDER (seriously...) and have any help to provide for X, send me a message at saying that you wanna help and JUST provide your myspace url. i will then pass it on to X and if she wants to get in touch with you, she will.

thank you in advance. back to the Batcave!