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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Live Webcam Chat w/the Girls of GIRLTRASH!

This friday night (the 21st), you can chat live with "DAISY," "TYLER," and "LOUANNE"...and others from the lezzy webseries GIRLTRASH.

Oh and um...I'm gonna be in the studio with them too. But I doubt they'll convince me to get on camera as I am shy as a bluebird. Bluebirds are shy, alright?? :-)

The chat/show starts at 8pm PST on FRIDAY (check to figure out your local times)...Lisa (Daisy) suggests you guys get there early, as the room is bound to fill up fast.

You can bring your webcam and interact...or you can just WATCH and type!

THE URL for the SHOW IS:

Girltrash Episode 1:


RavenNation said...

This is awesomely awesome. Even more reason to go to the Killola chat. I was gonna be there anyways, but you know. You really should get on camera Arlan. Seriously. It's not that bad.

keira said...

you always have the best shirt ready when I'm dead broke =[ It's okay though, i'll get one some day *sigh*

Kae said...

Ooooh I'm down like chinatown... I mean geeze... I have a life on Friday.... *sigh* I think I'm babysitting actually.... Arlan your one sexy bitch you had better say hi on the camera =P ;)

Sophie said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaa? That means I'll have to be up at...4am. Amiryte? Uk is 8 hours ahead of PST. Damn it. :/

Kae said...


Miss gorgeous!
Just finished watching the show. You looked fab. girly! =]