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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My laptop is on it's last leg, y'all...

...And I need YOUR help!

Let me start this plea by letting you know that today my laptop has overheated and turned itself off about 4 or 5 times already. I need a new computer! And when I say "need," I mean it! I use the computer for 90% of what I do for a living. And as my friend Sarah says, Kinkos and the public library can't cut it when you have to be online as much as I do. I know...cause I've tried!

Two years ago Sarah sent me her broken laptop as a Christmas present. She knew that I needed a laptop, and she hoped that my then-girlfriend Camille would be able to fix it so I could use it. Well, she was right! Camille's a bit of a genius when it comes to computers (and cars, and astronomy, and...and...) so she was able to get it working. I've used it this whole time. And though it has wires hanging out of it and tape everywhere holding things together, and though it overheats, I've been able to use it for everything I needed.

But now I'm sad to say that it looks like this old Averatec laptop is on its last leg. It shuts off if I try to watch a youtube video. It shuts off if a myspace profile is playing a song for too long. It shuts off at LEAST 10 times per day and I'm afraid soon it's not going to turn back on. Oh and before you ask, yes I've tried every cooling pad, laptop fan and trick known to man. Doesn't help. The cd-rom also doesn't work anymore, the ports are broken and it can be turned off by being touched the wrong way. Sounds kinda familiar;-)

SOOOO this is where you can help! As you know (cause I've made it abundantly clear for the past week;-) ) it's my birthday next Tuesday, October 30th. I can't afford to get a new laptop on my own, and I would loooove to be able to get the US$650 +tax one I found at the Officemax up the street from me as my gift. If only a few of the 2,000 or so of you who visit my site each and every day donated just $5 to my laptop fundraiser, I could get it!

This would ensure that I'd be able to continue to provide you with daily lesbian moments (plus do the other work I do on the computer, including transcription). And I've chosen a laptop thats on sale, and will allow me to get online. It's not fancy...but it will do the job!

I will keep an UP TO THE CLOSEST HOUR tally of how much has been raised so you can see exactly what's needed and how you're helping. If you've been entertained by any of my blog posts, if I've ever helped you through a work day or made you smile at something silly...made your special parts a little more happy by showing a hot vid clip...or helped you meet a friend online, please consider droppin 5 bucks into my virtual donation box. If you are not able to because of financial reasons, I totally understand and please don't feel bad!! This is only for those of you who are willing and able.

Oh and if you'd rather buy a tshirt instead, that will help too as I make a few bucks every time one is sold.



LATEST UPDATE: Wednesday, 11:50am PST: $580 of $715 raised

$5 Laptop Fundraiser donation BOX and such...

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