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Monday, October 22, 2007

There's nothin I like better than a hot ass...mess!

I'm just gonna get right into this: This vlog show has some serious potential! :-)

One of my readers named Britt contacted me a few days ago to let me know about a blog AND vlog she and her best guy friend Kev are working on called the "Hot Ass Mess Show." I believe these guys are both 20 years'll know why I point that out in a sec.

Check out the pilot:

If I may be so bold as to offer just a bit of advice, I'd say perhaps if Britt and Kev cut down on the cursing just a weeee bit, you could appeal to a broader audience. I mean, don't get me wrong...I enjoy cursing as much as the next gay. But since what you have to say is funny and dead-on on its don't really need the extra cursing, and it sometimes distracts from your message. You've both got GREAT accents and voices...the show moves along at a wonderful pace. The topics are timely and your opinions are funny and on point. It's nice to have a gay and lesbian point of view on these subjects in vid form. It's a nice spin on DIY. I look forward to seeing more...maybe something on a weekly basis to start out. I could even see Youtube featuring it if...if you took out 90% of the cursing;-) But until then, maybe 30% taken out will do!

You can go to Britt and Kev's awesome blog at to see the second episode and read lots more from the duo.


DEBSTER said...


arlan said...

yeah well i decided to take it down because there was no constructive criticism and it was in all caps...

and its my site:-)

but i'll leave this one up so people can see you're upset with me...i dont censor anything that would offend me personally. just something that might hurt other people's feelings.

and this is the first time i can remember deleting a comment that wasn't a duplicate or spam. hmmm...

Hot. ASS. Mess. said...

Aww thank you! We've taking it all into consideration and after doing the first 2 episodes, were not going to cuss anymore! -Or atleast bring the swearing down. The second episode still has a few, but after having viewers watch the show, I've been able to really work on how to put this together.

Were also taking the opportunity to have guest spots and feature local artists, as well has have an organized layout for the theme of the show