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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2 Hot Girls in the Shower.

Need I say any more?

I'm very impressed with this reader right now. She's got her mind in the right place. Her thumb on the pulse. Her cleavage all up in my face. *Sigh* I wish.

So what do you do if you have a webcam, a couple of hot chicks who are good actresses with imppecable comedic timing, and you are a FUCKING GENIUS? Um, you do this:

...and then you do this:

Why didn't I think of this?? You can see lots more from this creative team on their youtube page at!


infatuation_junkie said...

god i love this... so friggin hilarous... i'm about to go to their site and watch all of them

Bassmyst said...

Ditto! Arlan, you rule! My life would be so much poorer without you.

porselen kertenkele said...


"we're sorry, this video is no longer availible"

Anonymous said...

they are funny but not hot