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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Globes Need Warming

So this is a live feed of what's happening in my bedroom RIGHT NOW:

Naw, not really. But that'd be frickin' awesome, wouldnt it??

This reader sent in this clip today and um, I'm so not worthy. Thank you! The clip is to bring attention to global warming. If you're interested in finding out more information on that, go to their website at

But also, remember that time I showed you those two hot chicks in jeans and tank tops making out and stuff? Look at that again.


winter said...

what was the bit about the environment again? :|

Anonymous said...

ya lol wut was this about haha

Eve said...

suddenly, we feel the consequences of global warming, it's getting hot...
We don't have this type of ad in France... it's such a shame

I wonder if all you could help me. A friend of mine bets that I won't be able to find a FREE website with elegant erotic pictures and/or video... what we call in french "photo " ou video 'de charme' of course with lesbians
She bets that she will dance NAKED on the subway in Paris if I find this you guess that I'm eager to find it
So if you could help me, that we be quite nice and I'll send a photo or a small video of this event to Arlan to post on the website of course.
Thanks a lot to all.

Bloo said...

I thought this was funny! i watched it with two of my friends they didnt get it! but i loved it!

cavercheer03 said...

mmhmmm that warms me up!.... ;)