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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Digital, Digital Get Down!

I've been having a great time on with you guys! You have made my "show" the 2nd highest ranked show of the week already! It's also the 7th highest ranked show of the last 30 days (and climbing, it seems)

If you haven't visited my webshow on the site yet and you wanna know the foureleven (4-1-1 for those of you who arent hip to my jive yet), go to my profile @

This was one of the 3 or 4 rounds I did yesterday. There were about 100 people watching live and in the chatroom, and that number has been ranging from 40-350+ each show.

If you want to go to the page and read the chat transcript from this show, go to:

About half way through this one in particular is where I started to lose my mind:-)



Rachael said...

I need more notice when you're going to do them. I get an e-mail but when I'm away from my pc, I still can't read it. Do you plan when you have them or are they spontaneous? xx

arlan said...

hey rachael...

since i started on saturday, only one has been planned. they're usually spontaneous only because my schedule is so erratic.

but you're not the first to request mroe notice... and eventually i hope to have a weekly thing thats set at a certain time on teh same day of the week each time, in addition to my random ones.

Katelyn said...

hey arlan! I'm loving these little shows you've got going! I just wanted to say that when you played the Patty Griffin vid, I thought to myself *gee, she sounds a lot like the chick who sings 'Long Ride Home' off the Elizabethtown soundtrack* and, be still my heart, she does!

Kae said...

The shows are AWESOME. You lovelies really need to get in thuurrr if you haven't yet. It's a big sexy time. ;)

Bianka INSANE. said...

I'm going to make sure i get the time difference correct for us over in Australia so I can make sure i'm watching it. WOOO!

Anonymous said...

first, Alix Olson is AWESOME, check her out, definitely. that is, if you haven't already. try "Cute for a girl" :D (

i love the little shows too, but i think the spontaneity of them is absolutely great. although practically its probably not the best for an audience. once i can get all of my classwork done maybe I'll actually join you in the chat!

thanks for providing me with awesome daily lesbian moments!