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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dude, We're Gettin' a Dell Goin' to Hell

I'm not sure how I missed this series of web commercials that are now being shown on tv in some states, but er, did someone say "brilliant??"

I just read about this on's The Hookup where I blog a couple of times per week. Lisa (aka OC Editor) gives you the foureleven about where these came from and such...

if you want more info and you wanna see...

#1 of 4 in this series, click here!

Then check out #2 @

This is the 3rd installment:

And you can see the 4th @

For all of you who have never seen the original commercials that they're taking this from, this is a collection of 15 of them that have aired over the past couple of years:

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The Closet Dyke said...

Soooo good! I love these.