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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Hei(di) Life

UPDATE: Reader Tira hooked us up with the addy for Heidi's official page. It's And reader Piper hooked us up with her myspace page which is Thanks Tira and Piper!

If you've been reading my blog for a few months, you know that in addition to my obsession with the British, I also have an affinity for Norwegians.

I just stumbled across this lezzy chick named Heidi Marie Vest who is from Bergen, Norway (I've been there!). There's not much info about her online as far as I can tell, and these vids were added to her youtube account almost a year ago, but Im absolutely fascinated...mostly cause of the beautiful confusion the vids are causing.

I think I saw 10 of her at the club last night:



This is a strange one that sort of reminds me of Madonna, mid career...

("Beautiful Homes")

She gay, y'all.


..::star::.. said...

Hey Arlan. I am photogyrl. Or better known as Z. We spoke once about me doing my profile for my women's lib class on you. I dont know if you remember, but... You had given me your email address and I didnt get it written down, cause I was doing homework and such. SO, if you would like... email me at, so I can have your e-mail, and so I can explain it all to you. I would really really appreciate it. Your awesome and stuff! -Z

tira said...

Piper said...

Anonymous said...

If she had cornrows and extensions, she would look just like Jane Child (who had the one hit wonder "I Don't Want To Fall in Love" and I think she was gay,too).