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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Help A Reader Win Paramore Tickets:-)

An awesome reader left this comment on my myspace page this morning:

arlan u seriously make my days better =D
i wanted to ask u for some help cuz since i know sooo many ppl read ur blogs everyday. i entered a contest to win some tickets to see this band called paramore because i loooove them and the lead singer is so cute. shes my future wife. so anyways i entered my video on youtube and i need to get views on it to help me win those tickets! so i guess even this comment will get me some views.
thank you for being so awesome =D

Thought I'd go a step further and make this a blog post. Here's her vid. Good luck with the contest!

And here's a cool acoustic version of Paramore's HUGE hit "Misery Business:"

(add them @

If you like this kinda music, you might dig my good friend Danelle Philips and her band "Congress of a Crow" out of Tulsa, Oklahoma:

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Chelsea said...

aww, i'm so sad.
i was gonna go see their concert tonight but i have to work!

Carissa said...

Just wanted to say, I hope you win the contest!! I got to see their show in L.A. on the 14th and it was amazing! I was shaking and speechless afterwards... lol Paramore definitely kicks ass, and Hayley is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. :D I wish I could meet her along with the rest of the band.. So yeah. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!!!!

Dani said...


carissa said...

OMG THAT'S AMAZING!!! I feel good now since I watched it twice. Aww. I contributed. :) You better take awesome pictures with everyone! And tell Hayley there's a ton of girls that would date her if she gave them the chance. lmao. jk. Don't tell her that. I mean, you can if you want. Haha. I'll shut up now.

But yeah. That's awesome!!! :D

Anonymous said...

thats fantastic
im glad you got the tickets :]

oh and Arlan im now officially in love with Danelle Philips haha
I'd never heard of the band before and they're brilliant so thankyou :]

Georgia said...

awww well done :)

i saw them, and i praticaly had a fit haha.
when you meet them please ask them to guess list me at their portsmouth gig in the UK that sold out please [;

Brenna said...

I'm so glad she got to meet them! I met them in San Fran and they are awesome, esp. Hayley. She's a great girl!

See pics of me with the band on