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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Missy Higgins' Cherrie Has Officially Been...

Exactly 4 weeks ago, I said the following about Australian singer Missy Higgins:

I'm no Perez Hilton and I'm not in the business of outing celebs just for the sake of outing them. But I certainly hope the rumors are true and this chick's at least bi cause I have a mad crush on her.

Well guess what, kids. Pop open a bottle of Shiraz, cause Missy just came out:

(Cherrie is Australia's magazine for "not-so-straight girls")

Thanks to reader Leah for telling me about this breaking story. I have to admit though, I thought she was talking about Missy Elliot at first. That'll happen in 08'. Quote me.

There's lots more info here. To see my post about Missy from last month, click here.


melissa said...

this is hilarious...
i saw the article on the msn today page about ten minutes ago and was so excited i had to wake my girlfriend up to show her!

this has made our days.

maggie said...


i knew when i played missy higgins to get my ex in the mood...and when i took her to see her live in sf at a music festival...i was onto something.


gays 1 other not-so-cool kids 0

Anonymous said...

Yes, this was in today's paper!
Ahaha my family showed me the article the second I woke up!
I was watching missy live on tv and afterwards I posted this comment to my friend on myspace;

'Missy live on jtv..
Missy live at the entertainment centre..
Missy announcing she's gay..


And this was a couple of weeks ago, before she came out.. Haha I spose everyone was wishing! :p

I'm going to see her gig at the end of this month, so now I'm just that bit more excited :D ;p

Altho she apparently has a gf? Damn! My hopes are dashed! Lol..

kim said...

YES! I knew it. I even had an argument with my girlfriend about it. BUT I WAS RIGHT!
Good on her i hope she's very happy :)

TSMD said...

heck yes! finally!
i want to touch ::touch touch::

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah! When I read your ol' post I checked out some of her other videos, and when I saw her "Steer" video, my gaydar went off and I was like those rumours are true! She is so hot! And thanks Arlan for introducing us to her cuz I never heard of her before I read your blog and now I luv her! -swee

runrik said...

Sweet! Of course I was hoping we were getting to the facts about Ms. Elliot, too. But I can wait for '08 if necessary. ;-)

Daniele said...

hmmm i thought everyone knew she was at least bi... guess i just kept that tidbit to myself. soooooooo happy she's out though :D argh she's gorgeous. australia is truly blessed.

Jennifer said...

I knew it! teehee.

Amanda said...

Wow. Amazing woman. Beautiful. So happy for her

Danie said...
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Lunar said...

I never thought she was in the closet....I thought everyone knew she was bisexual/queer/whatever, and that she just wasn't that outspoken about it????????

When Perez Hilton posted this a lot of people knew already way before hand as well.

And I think LOGO actually brought up her sexual orientation a while back ago when they were introducing a video of her's?