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Monday, December 03, 2007

Cream...of the Crop

Experiencing some lesbian drama right now? Perhaps asking yourself the age-old question every one of us has asked, "Why do I even try to deal with these crazy females?"

Have a lesbian headache?

Well, just call me Doctor Luv (or Raquel...I like "Raquel") cause I've got the answer AND remedy:

Thanks to the "Georgia Peach" for sending this my way!

See the end of this clip to see which song is being used. And for the love of crispy cream donuts, go give your girlfriend a firm handshake and a tickle.


tishtish said...

where were alot of these scenes from!?!?!

carissa said...

That's what I was thinking!!

Damn. ...That kinda made my day. :D

Thanks. Hahaha.

Kayro said...

Agreed. I'd like to know where these scenes were from too!

This was lovely. <3

Anonymous said...

awww that made me long for my girlfriend...

and yay they had scenes from sugar rush and my summer of love... dam i miss sugar rush i can't believe the network didn't have them for a season 3..

Haviland Stillwell said...

Who is this GA Peach you speak of? I thought I was the only one!

Curious girl said...

...nice to watch!
from what movie is the scene with the two black dress blondies in the bathroom!?

Eurfla said...

awww thats reali sweet an now i miss my gf like crazy :( xx