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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hemingway + Folland = Wackernagel? Yeah, Pretty Much.

Doesn't the chick in the light blue tshirt look like Mariel Hemingway and Alison Folland's love child?:

("Die Boxerin" movie)

In case you're not sure who I'm referencing, this is Alison Folland (and yes, thats Leisha Hailey all pinked out):

("All Over Me")

...and this is Mariel Hemingway (on the right):

("The Sex Monster")

The German actress' name is Katharina Wackernagel.


aimeetoons said...

freakish! you are SO dead on!! LOL

Anonymous said...

maaan, that be some freaky shit. Wonder if they know about this. 0o


guananasic said...

And the other looks like Sandra Nasic... OMG :X