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Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a Difference 12 Years Makes...

When I was 14 or 15 I would watch this show called "On Our Own." I think it was only on for a season, and it was in that whole "Family Matters"/"Step by Step" it wasn't Emmy award winning stuff we were dealing with. But I dug it cause all but one of the cast members were family in real life.

In 1995 my crush was on a Mr. JoJo Smollett who I believe was 18 or so at the time. He was the eldest brother in the family. He...ahem, yes HE was so cute with his long curly hair and dimples. Aw JoJo. And back then, his younger sister Jurnee was but a precocious child who'd deliver cute lines every once in a while and eat ice cream the rest of the time. Today, Jurnee is starring in the new Denzel Washington movie "The Great Debaters" (the title still makes me giggle), and she's um...well...she's all grow'd up y'all, (21 and legal, yay!) and I've discovered that she's super hot. I mean...smokin...HOT. I mean, if Alicia Keys ever needed someone to play her in a movie, Jurnee would be my first choice.

See for yourself:

This is the opening credits for their old tv show. You notice anything similar about JoJo back then and Jurnee right now? Hmmm...

I think Jurnee, Mcphee, Michelle and I would make some beautiful babies together. Don't you guys?

UPDATE: thanks to Pj for giving us Jurnee's myspace page addy in the comments. I looked through Jurnee's blog posts and came across this one from the summer of 2006...SO awesome:

Please call 202 224 3121 and ask to speak to a senator of your current state as well as the state you are from and tell them your vote depends on their vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment. The constitution is meant to protect rights not take them away. On June 6th Congress wiil vote on a constitutional ban on same sex marriage. Call your senators and tell them to vote NO. Call as many times as possible and forward this email to as many people as possible. If you would like to call the White House as well, the number is 202 456 1111. Every call makes a difference and it takes two minutes. Use your power as a citizen of a democracy!

Yay Jurnee!!


pjeffuller said...

She's had a MySpace page for a while now. Check it out:

arlan said...

thank you...its awesome:-)

wut.u.had.expected said...

OH MAN i totally used to watch that show too!!! i was about 9 or so (according to my calculations) when it was on t.v. i don't really remember anything about the show except that i loved that they were actually related. and as for jurnee she was in roll bounce (that roller skating movie with bow wow) and i remember thinking the same thing.....she's all grown up and SHE IS HOT!!!

denise said...

i totally watched this show too! didn't the oldest brother dress in drag as their aunt?