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Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm Now "The L Word"'s Bitch.

Quote me.

Cause like...first they gave us some really great promos for the new season. Promos that didn't have me throwin things at my screen or shaking my fist at the writing gods.

Then they tell me that Helena is going to partake in prison sex. And to be honest, if it were 13 episodes of Helena and prison sex, I'd be sold.

But now? NOW, L Word?? They tell me...*deep breath*...that one of my favorite random chicks in the WORLD is a new character on the show?? Loyal stalkers of my site will remember that I have been watching General Hospital for 20 years. It's hard to explain, but it's like this comforting constant in life. No matter what I'm going through and no matter where I am in life, Carly and Sonny are still over there saying "Corinthos" in the thickest Spanish accent they can find. Days, weeks...months could go by, and I can turn on the tv at 2pm and find my GH family, still rockin.

One of the characters that was on for a few years was a chick named "Courtney." Alicia Leigh Willis played her, and I would watch it every chance I could while she was on, cause um...well look at her:

Alicia is going to be playing a woman named "Cindy" on the L Word this season, and I think she's hooking up with Tasha or Tasha's ol' girl. Im not sure. But the important part is that my MAJOR GH crush is going to be doin' it with a girl on tv!! I always hoped she'd do Elizabeth or Emily on GH, but nooo. Now all of my praying and crying has paid off.

Click here to see the 5 minute video interview with Alicia and Rose (Tasha).

Thank you, Ilene. But don't think this means I'm letting you off the hook for "who dat?" or Betty.



admin said...

haha congrats. This gonna be a good season for you. she's pretty. O and 'em you forgot the turkish oil wrestling?

admin said...

Did you now Helena's prisonmate is gonna be Lucia Rijker? The female dutch never defeated (thai) box-champion.

nctodc said...

I, too, have been a long time fan of mom watched it when I was a kid and I adopted her habit. Thank goodness for SoapNet. Courtney and Emily...that would've been great!

I can't wait to see what happens with Alicia on the show.

kayla said...

THAT'S WHO SHE IS! i knew i've seen her before!
i was watching the video earlier and i was like, "who is she? she looks so familiar!" and i come on your site and you have the answer for me. so thanks arlan!
oh! and im not a big GH follower but i agree, courtney/elizabeth or emily (or all 3) would've been hot!

Anonymous said...

Haha I used to love Courtney.
I watch GH all the time because my mom watches it everyday.

It's going to be interesting to see her play a lezzie.

Anonymous said...

I told my friends that my dreams came true when I found out "Courtney Matthews" was going to play a lez!

Anonymous said...

i've totally wanted her to get it on with emily too.. elizabeth would work too. i'm a huge gh fan as well.

can't wait for season 5.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap...I am more excited now...orgasmic even...I am the biggest GH fan been watching since I was in the womb...well practaclly anyways, so Courtney...and a chick....sounds like a darn good time to me! WOOO HOOOO!!!

Angel said...

I haven't watched GH in forevvvver but perhaps I would have if I'd know this chick was on there! I do remember thinking Emily was H-O-T though!