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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our Ladies' Pieces

Here's another one to file in the *in case you missed it folder*. You might recognize the young lady starring in this vid as TV's precocious Beaver from "Leave it to Beaver."

Or not:

("Is Anybody Home?" by Our Lady Peace)

Watching that made me think back to Angelina's post-Gia-filming days when she was nearly bald, and painfully beautiful (still is), and she starred in the video for the Rolling Stones "Has Anybody Seen My Baby?" What is it with these song titles being questions? Eh?



Jaz said...

Someone buy me a black tank top.

moe said...

i love that song but had never seen the vid and havin shane in it made me love it even more! thanks for that arlan!

Kat said...

Angelina is hot no matter wat she looks like. its amazing.
...i think this is the first time i'm commenting u.
...i read ur stuff all the time and i always like the videos u have. its my favorite thing to watch.