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Friday, December 21, 2007

Ring Of Fire...

I'm a gay. So of course I tivo the mothership, Ellen's show every day. I don't get a chance to watch every episode, but when I saw the description "15 year old does Johnny Cash covers," I had to check it out. what now?? This is amazing:

(Vince Mira)

I think he should tour with Girl In a Coma and Morrissey when they do their European tour early in 08. What do you guys think?

That reminded me of an episode earlier this year with this 6 year old chick named Emily Bear:

Haha, I've done so little with my life.


Amanda said...

Ah! Ellen I can play everything that little girl can play on piano too! Do I get to live with you?? K, thanks

Anonymous said...

wow vince mira is amazing!
and he's from washington state.
he lives like 20min from me.
hope to hear more from him in the future :]

ycats said...

hoooooooly shit! those kids are damn amazing. you know they were meant for something big if those talents come from nowhere with them. thats purely amazing.

Anonymous said...

That kid is amazing
But here is a link to a vlog about a bunch of really bad lesbian dating stories with re-enactments from actual lesbians except marnie alton idk if she is or not. Go watch it's a hoot

Anonymous said...

maybe this is a better link

Minnie-sota said...

That little girl is sooo cute! And talented.

Shmoo said...

I personally love Charice Pempengco. She's amazing.