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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

P!nk Could Write the Book on Doing *Gay*

I saw this vid on P!nk's main myspace FANpage earlier today.

I love how *over* these paparazzi dudes she is. But she's still nice to em. That's our P!nk.

Oh and um, if I were having breakfast where she was and I saw her out in the parking lot, she'd SO win my favorite game. If you don't know what my favorite game is, click here to read about it.

P!nk is such a lesbian cool chick:

(Thanks to PINKSARMY for the link to the vid)


tisha said...

mmmhmmm...that dyke.

bishhh said...

sooooo hot

c said...

*gah* she's so effin hot

Anonymous said...

i agree with everyone else:

very hot.

Lucyfer_Jade said...

hah dyke on a bike. original. :]

HK said...

Not to hijack the comments or anything, but Arlan....why haven't you said anything about Queen Latifah finally coming out? And....proposing to her girlfriend??? Huh?? Why not??