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Monday, December 31, 2007

Thats the Way (Uh Huh, Uh Huh) We Like It.

I came across this video by Brazilian singer Karyn Garcia. It's like Britney's video for "My Purogative," if you only had Britney's catering budget. It starts gettin' *gay* at about 1:50min--if you don't count the queen in the green shirt in the hallway at around 1:05min...ahem.

("Thats the Way I Am" by Karyn Garcia)

Here are some of the lyrics for you smarties who like to read and shit:

That's the way that I am
Leave me alone, I know where I wanna go
I'm glad I'm the way that I am
My life is not your business, and I think you should know
What you see is what you get

You think I'm strange
Because I didn't act the way I should
So what?
You think I'm different
Cause I don't look the way you thought I would

Fair enough.

Add Karyn on myspace at and tell her you found her on my blog:-)

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