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Friday, January 18, 2008

Everything's Better in England. Even Fake Lesbians.

I know I keep my obsession love for British women hidden in a sheath of subtlety. You probably had no idea that I j'adore them. How could you? I'm SO mysterious about my likes and dislikes. Today I finally feel brave enough to let you all know: I *heart* British women. I *heart* lesbians. And I *heart* British lesbians. Whew. What a relief to finally get that off of my chest. Chest. British...mmm...British chests...*sigh*

Anywayz, this is pretty cool:

Member a few years ago when they tried to adapt "Couplings" on an American station? They called it "Friends" meets "Seinfeld." It plummeted like a British girls' neckline in my fantasies. Oh least we got "The Office"! :-)


Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with today's post, but I thought you'd get a kick out of this girl's videos. Lesbian fashion, indeed.

Keep up the great work!

Jessica said...

the video isnt working :-(

val said...

you rock! love the bev. h-bs and patsy was my great-grandmother's cousin!

akalizzy said...

omg i want to see and shows that were made how can i get ahold of them?

Naomi said...

as a british lesbian - thanks! lol
great shirts!
x naomi x

Cammie said...

Oh, I love that show... *sigh* I've seen that episode a few times and
have watched the first three-ish seasons with the help of Netflix, if that helps you out, there, akalizzy.
Uh, yeah... go Coupling!

deanna said...

haah that was good.
i need to see more of that show it looks really good. =]

Anonymous said...

hey arlan, love ya but sorry to break it to you, the Office was a UK series first... if anything waaaaaay more brilliant, or at least in its own way. If you've never watched it, you should give it a chance! it's fucking hilarious!

arlan said...

hey anonymous right above me...just wanted to let you know that i know it was a uk series. thats why i mentioned it in this post;-)

jas. said...

that was such a a great show. the american version sucked