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Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Want You to Sing With Rapture and Dance Like a Dervish.

I'm watching the tail end of "Meet Joe Black" on TV right now and drooling over Claire Forlani. The thing is, I remember seeing this in the theater when I was in high school...and drooling over Claire Forlani. Did 10 years really go by that fast?? I'm slightly horrified (can you be slightly horrified?) and feeling misty at the same time. Oh them were the days.

I remember the time I found out Claire is British. I probably choked on something or fell out of a chair and/or couch. Meaning I probably fell out of a chair, crawled back onto a couch, and then fell out of it with the aftershock of the whole thing. She's amazing. Hot...those eyes...and then um, she's BRITISH. Have I mentioned she's British and hot?

In this clip, you'll see her totally doing a pre-Jolie Brad Pitt in a lovely scene where Brad's so soft and nubile, it's almost like Claire's doin a chick:

("Meet Joe Black")

Little-known fact: I originally played the backing music to that scene on set to help the actors stay in the moment. I was pulled off set shortly into it though once producers realized there was some dyke playing piano on their closed set. So what if I didn't get ASKED to do it? When you're passionate about something, you're passionate about it. Ya know?

Here's an oooold interview she did. It's from 8 years ago, but in it, you get to see how British she is:

In this next scene, Claire is playing the role of herself, and Amanda Detmer is playing the role of "Arlan." This is a reenactment of what happened the last time Claire was over for an L Word watch party...and I "accidentally" forgot to invite anyone else:

(Eh, sorry about the lesboscenes thing...I don't recommend going there.)


Anonymous said...

why dont you recommend it? does have spyware or something? because i gota tell you, im really tempted to click on it.

Caitriona said...

Weird, I was just thinking about the Forlani today... I remember her before she was famous, when she lived in Twickenham, Middlesex (just outside London), and I used to spend my summers there. She made me gay, even if she doesn't know it!! By osmosis.

Anonymous said...

Shes freakin SEXY! i forgot all about her, but i remember the first time watching Meet Joe Black, i was in love. *sigh* just got the chills.
thanks for the reminder. :)

Anonymous said...

heyyyy u ignorant fool shez not only british but half italian....