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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Top 15 Lesbian Movies I'm Adding to My Rental Queue

(TIP: Because there are so many youtube vids used on this post, some of you might have some lag time as you make your way down the list. To avoid this, click on "menu" and then copy & paste the urls of each video to watch individually.)

If you haven't caught on yet, I'm incredibly gay. Trouble is, there's only one of me and SO MUCH gay to learn/teach. There are hundreds of lesbian movies (and about a dozen good ones) so obviously I haven't seen them all. I have a Netflix account and a Blockbuster account (long story) and I was going through some movies I wanted to add to my queue. I thought I'd share with you my *Top 15 movies I've never seen before but wanna see based on their trailers* list:-) Hopefully it'll help you with your list as well. If you're not currently enrolled in a video program, you can go to
and get half off your first month. It's sort of like DVR/TIVO in that if you haven't used it (or Netflix) before, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it!

Stay tuned after this list to find the link to view my TOP 10 FAVORITE LESBIAN MOVIES (that I have seen) OF ALL TIME list!!

15. Everything's Relative

Cause there are lesbians and campfires and that combination has always beckoned me.

14. Brushfires

Cause I'm from Texas too, and the "wind" has taken me to's lesbian art imitating lesbian life.

13. My Mother Likes Women

Cause the title makes me giggle.

12. Out at the Wedding

Cause that's the dude from "Family Matters" and I miss Urkel.

11. Red Doors

Cause the women are hot and I'm intrigued by the eye patch.

10. Robin's Hood

Cause it looks like a lesbian movie to which I can relate. ...and have relations.

9. Floored by Love

Cause of the Disneyland flag line...

8. The Journey

Cause of the wicked awesome music used in the trailer.

7. Mango Kiss

Cause the title makes my mouth water. Twice.

6. The Gymnast

Cause it's been getting LOTS of hype and the actresses seem extra...bendy.

5. The Children's Hour

Cause I should have seen it years ago and it looks effin' AWESOME!

4. amour de femme

Cause everything's gayer in French.

3. Puccini for Beginners

Cause that's that chick from Grey's Anatomy...and she has a face!

2. D.E.B.S.

Cause I completely suck for not having seen it yet. Angela Robinson (GIRLTRASH, L Word) is one of my favorite directors. I throw myself on the mercy of the lesbian court!

1. Saving Face

Cause I talked about this movie on my site MONTHS ago and still haven't had a chance to see it. Everyone tells me it's wonderful, it looks beautifully shot and very well-acted. I've gotta get on my game!

So there you have it. Hope this was helpful to some of you. I'd like to thank this youtube member for having such a great collection of trailers!

If you'd like to see my Top 10 Lesbian Movies of all time list, click HERE!!

*click below*


Jovanah said...

Your blogs are so informative, I love it! Thanks for the list...I've been trying to see more lesbians films and you just helped a sister out! Thanks so much. :)

Anonymous said...

better than choclate or however you spell it is a really good lesbian movie

Anonymous said...

I saw Out at the Wedding at the Seattle Gay and Lesbian Festival last year and it's an AWESOME movie

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see Everything's Relative on your list, it's such a good movie, in fact I think I'll go watch it now!!

Lesberita said...

I HATED (loathed, despised, detested) Mango Kiss... I would probably vote it as one of the WORST lesbian movies ever made, but I'm no movie critic...

Natty said...

I loved the Gymnast. It was so visually pleasing and a great story. Puccini for beginners was a bit slow for my taste but not terrible. Thanks for all the info, I'll definitely be adding a few of these movies to my netflix! XOXO

Sandra said...

I write lesbian stories. I just started this blog. Please check it out Arlan. Everyone esle too of course. I love your blogs Arlan, they're so interesting and u have an awesome since of humor! I haven't heard of half of those movies. *Saves List of totally awesome lesbian films to check out*

aimeetoons said...

gurrrrrrrl, even I've seen D.E.B.S.!!! lol ;-)
great list - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Arlan! Thanks for the list...i'm adding these to my list of lez movies i have to see ;)

and don't worry..I haven't seen D.E.B.S either..tho i know the story, Ive watched the love scenes and i loooove Jordana Brewster in this one!! :D :D

Quory said...

well good golly miss molly!! d.e.b.s. and saving face are like the best ever! plus the girls in d.e.b.s. are FINEEEE!!!!!!! haha so yes hop on that, you'll be happy you did

Stacie said...

Saving Face is definitely one of my favorite movies ever. I love Asian girls, and the acting is very good. Thanks for the list!

theresa said...

I've seen Puccini for Beginners and I thought it was quite funny! I loved Saving Face! I only liked the pool part in The Gymnast. (:

Brenna said...

I'll have to check out some of those...and girl, you gotta see DEBS!!

Anonymous said...

Puccini for Beginners is a great movie very clever and full of oblivious one but hey oh and so is D.E.B.S femme on femme YEAH!!!!! hahah you'll love them hahah

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Lesberita, Mango Kiss has to be one of the worst films I've ever seen. It was painful. I wouldn't bother if I were you! But then, I'd be interested to know if anyone likes it...

Jill said...

I personally wasn't a fan of My Mother Likes Women (I can't remember the Spanish title for it). It was a little too cheesy, and not in a good way ;)

Krysti said...

Nice list! I would like to suggest a few that may be worth your while checking out!
-Tipping The Velvet.... it's like a bbc 2 part little movie or something not quite sure how bbc works but it is good
- Fingersmith... which is also a bbc creation... it is good as well
-Aimee and Jaguar... German and still hot!
-Imagine, Me & You... Piper Perabo!!! Sexy as hell! :)

Robin said...

"My Mother Likes Women" is funny, but not groundbreaking. I'd say it's cute.

"Red Doors" is excellent, but only one of the three sisters is gay and therefore only a small portion of the entire story. I love the relationship between the youngest sister and the neighbor.

"Floored by Love" was made for Canadian TV, so it's a TV movie, but a good one.

I can't remember specifics about "The Journey", just that I thought it was dull as dishwater.

I haven't seen "Mango Kiss" and that's cause I've heard it is positively atrocious.

"The Children's Hour" is a classic. It's well acted (of course, look who's in it). It's based on a Lillian Hellman play (and she wrote the adaptation). It's directed by William Wyler. And it's his second shot at filming this story, so he already had practice. It's the perfect storm of great filmmaking.

"Amour de Femme" is another film I can't specifically recall why I didn't like it. Of course, that's probably saying a lot.

"D.E.B.S." is just freaking hilarious. Try to get your hands on the short it's based on too.

"Saving Face" may well be the best lesbian film. Ever. It's actually a quality film worthy of any Hollywood family comedy. And it stars Joan Chen. What's not to like?

Anonymous said...

I've seen Puccini for Beginners and I thought it was a good movie.
My mom and I watched it last night. :] The funny thing was she caught me totally off guard by saying Damn! That girl is hot. :]

admin said...

Nice list..Did you see Caramel?


Happy valentine

L said...

I've seen all of these except "Out at the Wedding". I loved "Amour de Femme", "DEBS", "The Gymnast" and "Saving Face". I didn't care for "Brushfires" or "Mango Kiss". The others are all decent films :)

xojamixo said...

i thought everything relative was amazing. great script great acting and at the end everyone gets naked... well not really the end i mean there are a few more heart wrenching lines after that... why is it that so many of the lesbian films i've tried to sit through have been so bad?

Rachel said...

Saving Face was on LOGO earlier today! I watched the beginning... It never gets old. It's the kind of cute romance movie that you can usually only watch involving heterosexual romance.

Sammy said...

Not a fan of mango kiss, its dodgy, lol, but D.E.B.S... WOOOOO! My favourite!

Elizabeth said...

Saving Face is my favorite movie, DEBS is in my top 5 and I just got The Gymnast, it's pretty good :) I've been dying to see Puccini for Beginners but haven't been able to yet...

ps- You're still here in Chicago...?

deanna said...

Guess What?!??!
Puccini For Beginners was on Showtime today
I watched it...its cute =]
Good Choice.


Jenn said...

Red Doors isn't all that gay but FUNNY. Oh, so funny.

I've only seen 7 out of 15. How shameful.

My vote goes to Saving Face. Cutenesssss.

Brittny said...

OMG! The Children's Hour is such an awesome movie! The same goes for Saving Face! LOVE THEM!.