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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Interview with Missy Higgins!

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Anonymous said...

Great interview Arlan, very entertaining!

I've been a fan of Missy for years (I'm English with Australian girlfiend), I'm glad you didn't ask her the same old shit she gets asked at every interview...

I like that aussie on american idol, he's very cool!

Liz said...

Very cool interview! One of my best friends who is Australian turned me onto Missy Higgins almost (wow) three years ago. She was playing in the LA area this one particular time when I could ACTUALLY go (I'm usually busy/can't get to LA from Orange County), and then something came up at the last minute. I tried kicking myself on the head, but I wasn't flexible enough. Woe.

Catticus said...

What's wrong with Irish winning Aussie Idol?? There's an Irish chick on American Idol too isn't there?? :P
Congrats on the Missy interview, very entertaining. She seems rather spiffy (nice). Aww..

Edilma said...

Great interview Arlan, you asked her great questions. Now i'm jealous and I hate/love you a lil' bit hahahahahahaha (kidding! on the hate part I mean)

She seems very down to earth and cool...I wonder if she has a girlfriend :D lol