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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What Would Pepe Do?

Pepe would rock the FUCK out of this BRAND NEW video from *out* rocker Otep Shamaya...and then break shit.

Mmm yeah, bear down on it like you mean it:

Its ok if you licked the screen just then. I won't tell a soul.

Click here to read my interview with Otep. We totally talk about doin' it and shiz. Visit the band OT3p's official myspace page at for U.S. and Canada tour dates.

Hi Pepe;-)


Rochie said...

OMFG!!!!! she is SOOO hot!! *drolls* oh and BTW *lickity LICK LICK!!!* okay, now to read that interview :-D

Lee said...

I want everyone to know I licked that screen with pride. This woman has been my hero since...since I could lick screens. XD

Heather said...

I fucking love that woman. The first time I heard this song I had to listen to it over and over its hands down my favorite off the new album. and now I am off to read that interview as well.