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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Older She Gets, the Gayer She Gets...

I've received dozens of messages from my readers in the past few days about Sally Kern's recent idiotic and frightening speech. Yesterday, during one of the gayest episodes of Ellen I've seen in a long time, Ellen wasn't afraid to address it:

Then the gay...stayed:

I love Danny Noriega. American Idol should have him come on as a correspondent or something...or a style judge. Somethin...*love him*

You can't tell me this isn't hot:


Anonymous said...

I had not heard of Sally Kern's statement until I came across this Blog.
BEFORE she even said well well well, homosexuality is worse than terrorism...I was going to make a mock statement.
The mock statement floating around in my brain, came out of her mouth. Mine dropped.
I couldn't really laugh. But Ellen always makes me smile.


Jill said...

Studies have been done showing that particularly homophobic people show a higher tendency rate of actually being gay themselves.

With that being said, Sally Kern is just angry because she doesn't have a hot lady friend that she can squeeze her boobies.

Emily said...

The Roman Empire anyone?

Trinny said...

Word, Jill. Word.

Ohh Sally, Oh Sally. I have so much to say to you, yet so little words to express how much of a biggot dumbass you are.

This frustrates me, to the extreme. How does love blow people up, and tear down the World Trade Center? Oh right, it DOESN'T.

This boggles my mind. Who cares who you sleep with? It's your choice. But it's not really your choice, on who you fall in love with. I don't really think you can throw up a hand and say, "No, Heart! You may NOT love that woman!"

It's the biggots, and the closed-minded people that are ruining the country.

aimeetoons said...

LOL@jill :-)

Thanks for the clips on Danny, I haven't been watching this season, but he is adorable!! ;-)
(i have to admit, I can't stand that song tainted love, but I actually LOVED his rendition!)

Heather said...

omg id he ever put out that version of tainted love i'd so buy it!! and hope it had a dvd of that performance! it's so hot! And he's so beautifully feminine LOL I cant believe they didnt keep him!!!

shaevoyuer said...

Ellen had another show recently discussing a Recent Tragic Death. I cried when I watched it. An 8th grade boy asked another 8th grade to be his valentine, the other boy didn't like that so he killed him. You can watch the vid on my blog. Just click on my name.

Wiccaian said...

I live in Oklahoma and I would just like everyone to know....WE DO NOT THINK THAT! SALLY KERNS, I have no IDEA how she became our representative. The general opinion of Oklahoma is...WHATEVER. For the most part we are indifferent about Gay marriage and homosexuality.

As to the comment about the Roman Empire, they also became the GREATEST EMPIRE before they met their demise...however I don't think it was all the open sex that they were having that destroyed them!

Just my two cents!

Anonymous said...

Ellen called Jerry Fine, my ex-girlfriend tonight, asking her to be on the show. She is a dear friend of mine and I would love if you could pimp her out.

Thanks arar.

Rain (

ps- let's have gaybies.

HANH said...

The Ancient Greece? More specifically Athenians? They completely and totally embraced homosexuality and this civilization was a powerful and influential one, wasn't it?

*shakes head*

Know your history, lady!

Anonymous said...

Jill, you got it. Before I came out I was opposed to anything like that, however I would never say Gay is synonymous with Terrorist. That being said, somebody needs to squeeze Sally Kern's boobs and then she'll know a little more about herself...:D