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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Win an Autographed CD From Missy Higgins!

Missy heard about all the talk of her on my site! She appreciates all the amazing feedback you guys have been giving so she sent me some CDs to give away:-) One person will win the following:

-An autographed On A Clear Night CD

-Missy's Where I Stood EP

-Her Sound of White CD

All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this blog with your first name, age (or range), location, and email address OR, if you'd prefer, myspace url. I'll choose someone randomly to win on Tuesday, March 18th. And you never know who might be checking out the comments to see what you have to say;-)


Aimée said...

D'Jen said...

Jen, 24, Australia (Missy is my homegirl!)delightfuljen[at]

One of my dearest friends has a big, giant lady crush on Missy so a signed CD would be awesome, seeing as Missy would have touched and then she would touch it and it would be ALMOST as good as meeting her!

gabi said...
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Jill said...

Jill, 18, Pennsylvania,

Okay, I hate to admit it, but I have gone even gayer than gay for Missy. Her music is like an orgasm in my ear. Yum.

No really, her music is amazing, and I think it is really cool that she is open about her sexuality and that she is really for conservation and saving our dear mother earth.

Did I mention that she is gorgeous? Probably not, but I think that I should. :)

I was supposed to go and see her this Saturday in Baltimore, but you see, I waited too long to get tickets. (bummer!)

I hope should tours the US again so I can be a fan dyke and go wild at one of her shows.


p.s. i like playing her songs on la guitarra. they are fun!

Liz said...

Woohoo! I'll enter.

My name is Elizabeth, my age is eighteen, I'm in Newport Beach, CA, and my e-mail is mildcatastrophe(at)

Kelsey said...

Name: Kelsey
Age: 17
(Myspace is linked to my name)

I totally hope I win. The first time I heard Missy Higgins sing was "All for Believing" to a Dana and Alice video on youtube. It made me cry, and I've loved her ever since. amazing voice!

Elise said...

Missys music is so peaceful and wonderful
My girlfriend dedicated "Warm Whispers" to me ^-^


Alyssa said...

Name: Alyssa

annette said...

Ah, a signed CD would thrill the life out of one of my nearest & dearest!


Lydiane said...

20 years old

I have to win!!! Missy is awesome! She's inspiration!

Catherine said...

OMG I heart MISSY!!!
Palm Springs, CA

Crystal said...
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Dianna said...

Ooooo... Pick me, pick me.
I <3 Missy


Anonymous said...

Karyn B

Anonymous said...

Melanie Williams!
Seattle, WA!

i LOVE missy higgins :D you should make a "missy is my homogirl" shirt :P

Riley said...

Oh. My. Sweet. Lesbians. Arlan!

Name: Riley N.
Age: 19

Melissa said...

Name: Melissa
Age: 19

i was super bummed over the weekend cuz i was missing out on Missy's concert in Toronto! tickets were sold out!

Edilma said...


Edilma Giraldo
Caracas, Venezuela

Anonymous said...

Siobhan, 20, London Ontario, Canada

I saw Missy on Sunday at El Mocambo and she BLEW MY MIND. <3 Some of my friends got in the basement to see her, but the door was shut when I tried. le sigh.

Anonymous said...

hey girl hey.

Anonymous said...


really, she gives me an adrenaline rush and stops my heart. Been a fan and lover (oh you know, you and Katharine me and Missy. =))) since "The special two"; oh the song is meant for us.. . . . .

OK, back to reality:

Name : Hazel
Age : 19

Gin said...

OMG Huge Missy Fan here.

I'm Gin, 25, from Salem, MA.

I'm actually calling in to work tomorrow with a "stomach flu" in order to go see Missy play an in store in Boston. I wasn't able to get tickets to her show before it sold out. I really really hope to get an autograph or a picture. If I do, I'll send you a photo :)

Anonymous said...

Name: Lizbeth
Age: 20
Location: Kissimmee, FL

I recently started listening to Missy Higgins, and i absolutely loved her music. Now, i can't get enough of her music and i hope she comes to Orlando soon. It would be awesome. I am slowly becoming a huge fan of hers.

Jamie said...

Jamie, 28, mississippi gulf coast,

I freakin LOVE missy higgins! Her voice is so soothing. She gives me goose bumps (and a few other things I won't mention).

Chelsea said...

Chelsea, 19, California!

Anonymous said...

Maria, 21 NYC,

Since March 13 was my Birthday ( now I'm 21!!!!!!!) I think it would be a perfect gift for me!!!!!:)))) PS: Arlan you rock!!!!!!!!

Erica said...

i heart missy.


Florie-ann said...

Hey I'm Florie-ann, I'm 20 years old, living in chino hills
and my email is:

Kristyn said...

man oh man!!!!

fredonia, ny

I sure hope it's meeeee! :)

<3 <3

KaLeena said...

Hey Arlan!
Missy Higgins is the shit! I can't wait to get up where she is someday..anywho.
Hope to hear from ya!

melanie said...

Melanie, 21, Australia,

this is sweet, thankyou missy & arlan :)

Anonymous said...

Oh snap, oh snap! I love contests, especially ones with badass prizes.

Lauren, 21, MA, itzdatyahoodotcom

kim said...

Kim, 51, Montreal

I personally have a big, giant lady crush on Missy so a signed CD would be so lovely.

Jo_Schmo said...

OH MY GOD I love Missy Higgins. She has a voice that is so authentically Australian it rocks my socks off! And now she's managed to crack that ever so hard-shelled US market, that is an acheivement in itself.

She's just so ideal as a role model. She's not afraid to be herself, sets a good example for the world on climate change and she keeps private things private. I admire her

Name: Jo
Age: 19
Location: Sydney, Australia (I'm from the wonderful land that Missy loves so much!)

Heather said...

*squeaks* I'd so love this.


Sasha said...

Sasha, 18, Orlando,


Chris said...

what's up, arlan?!?! this would be totally rad to have. thanks!

Sophie said...

Sophie, 18, Southern England - sheopenshereyes AT gmail DOT com.

I love Missy Higgins so much! Her songs are just so amazingly well written, and it's such a shame she hasn't got more recognition over here in the UK. I'd love to see her tour here and I know a lot of people who think the same (hint, hint!). I really hope now she's sort of 'come out' that it'll help to stop people stereotyping bisexual or queer people so ridiculously, as she's a well-respected figure in the public eye in australia.

Anonymous said...

Tina, 26, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

I adore Missy Higgins. Her song "Where I Stood" got me over a break up. Just the sadness and strength in the song brings me to tears.

Julia said...

Julia from Bonn, 26 years old, has fallen in love with Missy Higgins' music and listens to her new album daily. She would like to listen to "Sound of White" as well and is thrilled that Arlan is giving away Missys music for free.

Pick me :)

silent_genius said...

Mel, 25, France. melanie.massy[at]

On A Clear Night is one of my favourite albums ever. If I ever win this, I'll pass it on to my dearest friend who's also a music freak. :)

btw, good job on the Missy interview!

Angela said...

OOOH Arlan, Pick me! I fell instantly in lust!

Angela, 36, Temecula,So Cal

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

jason, 30, denver, jyee(at)hellyeah(dot)com

Anonymous said...

since i LOVE missy higgins' music (i found her on live earth, while waiting for terra's performance ^^), i'll try it!!

Mary FC, 17, Spain.


Pärlan said...

Missy's been living in my mp3-player for a few months now. She's made a great impact on me through her music!

name: Riikka
age: 23
location: Finland
email: wiikkis (at)

Anonymous said...

22, Rockford, IL

It's really freaking sweet that she's doing this. Her music is she's hot. hehe. I want I want I want (her, and her gifties).

::crosses fingers::

HK said...

Heather, 34 (my birthday was yesterday!), Portland, OR (home of more lesbians than you shake a stick at!) and my myspace is

I just saw Missy in Portland for the first time and she is frickin' awesome! I would love to have some of her earlier work.

Anonymous said...


Hey, Arlan. My girlfriend and I also saw her at Park West last week. She was AMAZING! Wish I knew you were going to be there. I'd have kept an eye out to say hi to you!

Shadow_Writer said...

Ahh this is so cool, Arlan you rock! Missy you rock! This would be an AMAZING present for a friend of mine, she just saw Missy in Toronto last Sunday... Next time she's around here I hope to go see her!!

Name: Devinne
Age: 16
Location: Ontario, Canada

kelsey said...

Name: Kelsey
Age: 18
Location: Florida




tussis said...

Rita, 17, Portugal,

First heard of her as an exchange student in NZ. Beautiful songs, very haunting. I've never seen her perform live so an autographed CD would be nice :D Way to bring forward the silent readers, Arlan, love beijos

carolas said...




I hope this time to win something of you Arlan, come on give me this gift =P


Diana said...

yesterday, i was thinking "the last time i got a new CD was probalby about 2 years ago." today, I read your blog and thought "diana, you DESPERATELY need some new music to listen to." so here i am!
26, Houston,TX

(and no, i dont download music either. I dont own an ipod, and the mp3 player that i got for x-mas about 3 or 4 years ago has never been out of its package. sad. i know.)

Amanda said...

I love you Missy!! Saw you today in Boston at Borders, you are amazing!!


deanna said...

i love her!!!
eeek this would make me amazingly happy
a nice late birthday pesent haha


Anonymous said...

Name: kiki
Age: 18

philadelphia, pa

Karen said...


I'm Karen from Belgium. I'm just getting ti know Missy but I love her already! Unfortunately there aren't any cd's of missy in Belgian stores :( so I have to do it with the internet for now.


enjoy your weekend!
cheers x

Anonymous said...

mmm you should totally have an "i'd go gay for missy" shirt. that would be delectable and worth every darn penny :) she is my basically my muse with her voice that's like an aphrodisiac to the heart <3

purely love.

Megan, 21 years old
St. Louis, MO


Anonymous said...

Heather, 18, New York,

Sage said...

sage, 23, Illinois, usa

Laura said...

I found out about Missy's music from this site - and recent purchased On a Clear Night from iTunes! It's wonderful and I'm telling everyone I know to check it out. So thanks for the recommendation Arlan, and thanks for the music Missy.

Cincinnati, OH
myspace -

leehoosierforlife said...

Missy is amazing! I saw her live in Chicago for the first time (two of my youtube vids are in the Eight Reasons To Go Gay For Missy Higgins article on this site) and she way surpassed all my expectations! I'd love to have an autographed CD!

Holly said...

Hey Arlan. That's awesome that she heard about all that from your site. It does indeed rock!

Anyway, I'm Holly, 20, from England. My email is and my myspace is

jillian said...

i saw Missy yesterday in Boston, MA.... she was incredible and really really sweet. Plus, I gave Arlan props for introducing me to her music when I met her after her performance!!!!! AND SHE"S SUPER HOT!! Thanks Arlan... I'm Jill Butler ,28, from Boston, MA

Anonymous said...

What an amazing artist. I love her songwriting.

Age: 22

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm Kate, 19, I live in Cambridge UK (and I have a sexy English accent). I've been a Fan of Missy and her music since a mate of mine brought a CD back from down under (my favourite name for a place) when I was about 14/15. I love her voice mostly (also a an of accents). Her songs have been a strangely spot-on soundtrack to my relationship history...So I'd love to have an autographed copy of her CD. Please.


Valerie said...

Oh yes, I would so love to have this.

My name is Valerie, I'm 34. I'm from Milton, PA.



Anonymous said...



North Carolina

Anonymous said...

Perkasie, PA (formerly Flemington, NJ but recently moved - plus, going to school in Fredericksburg, VA!)
I would love to add more Missy Higgins to my collection! I've been a fan since the Sound of White CD first came out. Love love love her and (OH MY GOD) she's not straight?! So much cooler now.

Jenny said...

Hi there. Jenny, 27, Sweden and

Hayley said...

Hayley, 19, Wirral (UK),
Because british lesbians apreciate good music too ;)

Sarah said...

Sarah, 18, The Netherlands

I really hope I win because, I'm (one of) the biggest fans of Missy and it's kind of hard to get her albums here in Holland!

Missy (and Arlan) is/are the best! :)

Dina D said...

Anonymous said...

Hey my name is Bridget, i'm 19, from Adelaide, Australia and my myspace is

I've loved Missy for ages. Finally good to have an Aussie role model for young people to look up to. Missy is one of the only artists whose lyrics actually mean something deeper than words

Anonymous said...

Shay, 29, Lubbock, TX

My wife and I LOVE missy!! My wife is a aspiring artist and loves music more than anything in this world. Her 45 Bday is this year and that would be the MOST AWESOME gift ever to surprise her with for sure! I think this is sweet what missy's doing for the site!! GO GO GIRL!!!!

Shmoo said...

I LOVE Missy Higgins!! I haven't liked an artist this much since I fell in love with P!nk back in the day. It takes a lot for me to love an artist this much. I'm glad she's putting out music in the u.s. ^_^

Quad Cities, Illinois

kadee said...

Kristen, 24, NYC,