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Monday, March 10, 2008

Top 10 Reasons L Word Season 5, Episode 10 Was All Sorts of Dramarama!

10. Shane's hair.

I continue to be mystified by it. Did you notice that it actually looked better after the first leg of the bike ride than it did before it? Shane somehow managed to do her hair while riding a bike AND being chased by (hot ass) Molly. The Fonz can do anything. Oh and that whole bike chase scene is exactly how it looks when Kate Moennig tries to get coffee in an eco-friendly way in West Hollywood.

9. Tasha 'nem. I wanna hang out with Tasha 'nem at the Coco Bar one day. I was a bit confused though about why these particular friends pronounce her name TASHuh. ash. Tash. Pap-ee. Pop-ee. Hmmm...

8. Dykes on bikes dykes. Alice said it best: "thats what these rides are for; curing cancer and one night stands." True that, Alice. The same can be said about me. There were lots more memorable lines like Molly's entire yelling scene, and most notably "...same with riding a girl!" True. But uh, since when is Shane's mantra: "just because you can do it, it uh, doesn't mean you should." Tell that to the Chart, Shane:

7. GIRLTRASH! Yay for the use of Girltrash shirts in this episode. With the recent news of season 6 being the last season, I hereby nominate Angela Robinson's GIRLTRASH series to take over and fill the void in our aching lesbian hearts. Who's with me??

6. Tasha. Girl you crazy. Rose Rollins' laugh has to get its own spot on my list this week. How great is it?? I think if I did kick it with Tasha 'nem at Coco, I'd be in stitches (and britches) all night.

5. Smores and some-whores. I've figured out a pattern. Anytime the L Word cast is exposed to some sort of heat, they get even better. Last week it was the crazy heatwave in L.A. This week, it was a roaring campfire. A few weeks ago, it was the oven baking those gay pot brownies. You see what I'm saying? I think when Shane said to Tina, "I ain't a ho...BITCH!" I fell off of the couch. Oh how I'd love to kick it with them around a campfire. That should be an extra on the season 5 dvd. Just me and the gang, tellin ghost stories. Drinking brewskies. Trading yarns. Touchin' boobs. You know, whatever happens, happens. I'd be willing to also act as director, videographer, production assistant and best boy grip (hee) on this shoot.

4. Tina Turned-Her.

Hmmm...I feel really sorry for Jodi, BUT the good news is, when she hid out in her tent, she got a fax (cause they have fax machines in tents in my version) from ABC telling her that she'd been cast on Dancing with the Stars. She said "screw you Bette" and hit the bricks.

3. Dana Lives.

For more info, go to and

2. Shane's Clitoral Tutorial. Um...ok I have to compose myself. Un momento, por favor. *3 full minutes later* Ok y'all 'member that time when Shane and Molly had left the campfire and they were all like...ya know...doin it and stuff? And y'all 'member that time we all watched with bated breath as Shane taught Molly how to go down on her? And um, y'all 'member that time I was all like "Y'all, I can't breave right and my legs are numb. Get help!" And y'all were all like, "We can't get help. We can't breave right eiver and our legs are numb." So we all just sat around and took turns hitting the rewind button on our Tivo? 'Member that?

1. I can't type or think of a title for this. I'm too busy trying to remember my name. It's a good thing Kate French has it tattooed to her side:

Ok everyone, have a seat. I'll take care of this one. I'm just gonna grab an apple crate from my bedroom and stand on it so you can all see me in the back. I will be speaking with a British accent, so do not be alarmed. Ahem...ok...Ilene, you remember when I wrote you that long-ass message last year and I yelled at you for not showing us enough nudity, boobery, lesbian-style sex and all around nakedry? Did you just stand idly by and give us a tiny bit of tit for our troubles? Did you say, Aw heck, there's too much naked lesbian boobery in the world. Why should I give them more? No Ilene. You stepped it up and let us see the beauty that is the ebb and flow of Kate French's ass giftwrapped in a strap-on harness. I thank you Kate French's harness strap-on gift-wrapped ass. I thank you, Ilene Chaiken for making up for season 4. I thank you Mia Kirshner for your amazing gift-giving talents. And most of all, I thank you...Jenny's...left...boob...for ALL that you've done this season.

And to my dear Helena, this is how gay I am for you:


Brian said...

I agree, the lesbian scenes in this last episode were hot!! There were some good kisses in the scene with Shane and Molly, and the strapon scene was good too!! I don't know whose eyes are better, Bette or Shane, but they are both beautiful! I definitely wanted to kiss Shane in the scene where Nikki is asking her when she is going to ditch the stalker. She looked intense there! said...

Haha this episode. wow. I really wish I was at the campfire with them drinking too. And Alice's ghost story was hilarious. I was cracking up this entire episode. What about when Jenny was rubbing lubricant on the fake penis to make it hard. LOL. That was great. I think you left out when Molly said "I'd get a doctorate in fucking gay!" -I thought that line was funny. Remember when Niki told Jenny to take off her bra when she was videotaping her---ok that was hot, but why did she put it back on? did you notice that?

And it's funny you mentioned the "gay pot brownies" cause that's what I refer to that episode as. One of my favorites this season.

Anonymous said...

I know 6 seasons is a good run for a show. And I know people need to move on to other things. But dammit, what will we do on sunday nights?! I'm so sad. booo

But that whole scene with Molly trying to win Shane over was the cutest! It's nerdy straight girl giving it a try at it's best! Awesome!

Mwiko said...

I can't decide if I totally heart having the cure in the background of that scene or not.. hmm.

Alexa Shae said...

I was so uncomfortable when straight girl was like, "Riding a bike is like riding a girl. You have to learn." Was anyone else embarassed?
When the cure song I came on my GF and I were like, "hhmm, I wonder how much that cost them." It was an odd but nice addition.
I also noticed that one of the five lines Max had was to inform Bette that Jodi had left, and then I realized that whenever Max talks to Bette - she never talks back. Poor guy.
btw that beer drinking lesbian doing adele is hot. oh the mystery.

Anonymous said...

omg that was one crazy episode lol
I dont understand rlly why Shane is after the "straight girl" it isnt like Shane is gonna be with her for more then a week anyway lol. And the thing with Tina and Bette is reeeeedunkulous. Kit was totally right poor poor Jodie, I knew from the moment Jodie said that Bette better now break her heart that some shit was gonna go down. I really think Tina and Bette are better off with other people but hey thats just me. And I miss Dana she was my favorite and the sexiest lol. But all in all that strap on scene was great. The camp fire blow up was great *I never* and for the record Jenny's little assistant is a total arshole.

Anonymous said...

am i the only one who HATES nikki and jenny?? they are so GIGGLY and makes me crazy! it reminds me of how teenage lesbians are...and they are supposed to be grown women! argh! i can't stand jenny's character, i never have...she's a whiny, needy, greedy and now power-hungry bitch!

Nai*Nai said...

Arlan you are always on point! & I was thinking the same thing about tasha's laugh, I even hit rewind so that I could laugh again & proclaim my love for thing that gets me though, is Adelle. What is up w/her?!?!?!? I really love Jenny & Nikki together & if she messes that up I'm going to be almost as sad as I am about not seeing Helena for abajillion episodes :(

Elle said...

I totally agree about the Shane's comment "just because you can do it, it uh, doesn't mean you should." How does that fit into her character? I really didn't like how this episode was suppose to be about Dana and the breast cancer awareness, but the girls pretty much left that out and were so consumed in their own drama. Like what group of people fuck like that when they're trying to remember a dear friend that died?
I'm just glad Bette's not going to be acting AS weird now that Jodi knows about her and Tina. Every time Bette gets fussy, I wanna punch my TV! That woman is never happy and never knows what she wants! GGRR!
I feel sorry for Kit because she's such a good spirited person and needs to hook up with someone new.
And as for Jenny, I hope Adel gives that bitch what's coming to her. I wanna see her fall off of her high horse so badly!
Sorry if this is really long. My L Word friend and I are no longer speaking so I don't have anyone to talk about the show with!

Anonymous said...

for anyone that ever misses the l word. you can find it on

Brittany said...

That episode was hot!! Like oh my god. I felt like I was becoming a lesbian all over again. Seriously! Jenny is fucking hot this season....but Shane....she doesn't stop getting any better looking. I wish she'd teach me how to go down on her. Hahaha.But Molly needs to talk a lot less. I keep on saying 'Shut the fuck up and let her fuck you!' heh. I think its a good thing that Season 6 will be the last season...sometimes when shows go for too long they get stupid. Like movies....^_^

Anonymous said...

the episode was great but I can't understand how jenny and nikki left inside the camera the cassette of their erotic encounter those things must be placed in a safe place common they can't be that naive

Anonymous said...

oops, I left a comment intended for this thread in the one below...duh.

new to this wonderful blog and still learning!

aimeetoons said...

LOL!!! luv it...
I thought I was the only one who loved Tasha's laugh lol.
..but can we talk about the pic of Dana they used on the lol

kandy said...

ok i liekd this ep. it made me cry a bit. how more physco can adele get . and did anyone notice nikki flirting with shane and stuff.

Sarah said...

i am so scared of adelle. i can't wait for next week. i have been waiting for this crazy shit to go down since the first episode she was in.

kandy said...

ya im actually scared of her too. i think the freakiest things shes done is wel being exactly like jenny

1. cut,print

2.kissing niki

3.watchin them have sex and then taken the tape

Dalila Ali Rajah said...

Okay so this was a great post all around, but for real that Clay Aiken shit had me ROLLIN'. You are funny as shit girl! Hope you mommy liked her stuff :) Tell her we said happy birthday!

Kelsey said...

I adore Clay Aiken.

I totally agree about the heat.
The ones you

Tina and Bette's first love scene in forever - Cooking at the stove started it.

jetgirl said...

As nice as those sex were, what good are they to me without Helena as a participant? Damn you IC!!

ARLAN, I think you need to write IC another long letter about bringing the British Sexy Back.

chim possible said...

kudos 2 tasha/rose rollins amazing laugh!! i love it its so cheeky n husky n woooaahh hold ur horses, why...arlan r u neglecting 2 mention adeles out of control stalkerishness!!! shes freakin me out guy!!!