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Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Just Remember, Act Like a Boy"

Today I used Punky Brewster's themesong video in a blog on myspace and it got me all nostalgic. I was SO excited when I found that my favorite episode of all time has finally been uploaded to Youtube. I should have known I was a dyke when I was 10 years old and I'd watch this episode and think Punky and Cherrie were hot bitches when they were dressed in drag:

Oh my god that is the gayest shit I've seen all week......and I was at a Lesbians On Ecstasy show last night, so that's saying a lot!

I wonder what the girls would look like dressed in drag today. Again I say, dayum:



Anonymous said...

awesome episode. thanks for the entertainment. :) i always knew punky was gay...especially with all the rainbow she would wear. you see her bag? -Debs

shaevoyuer said...

I just went to see Lezzies on X too, although due to too much bar conversation, I missed the show. But, I caught Lynne T.s DJ set at Hot Pants and got pics to show on my blog.
(Don't worry, I've seen them play before!)

Anonymous said...

oooh, i loved punky brewster!! it was my favorite tv show when i was a kid!! i've really enjoyed watching this episode, thanks :)
mary fc