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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sexual (lesbian) Chocolate.

Last September, I posted about something that I was very excited about. The project has been updated and may be coming to a town near you, so I wanted to spotlight it again.
Check it:

originally posted by Arlan on AOL's Queersighted site September 2007

"Oh my friends, you will never know the pressures I feel to give you all what you want on a daily basis. If you were just one lady, and were needin' some lovin', there'd be no problem. I'd put on my Maxwell cassette, pour you a glass of the finest wine $4.99 can buy at Albertsons, and *turn the lights down low.* You would leave a new woman. You'd speak in tongues. And later, I'd speak of tongues. To all my friends. As I showed them a slide show of our lovemaking. It would be great times.

But the satisfaction I want to provide for all of you isn't just of the flesh. (But mostly, it's of the flesh.) No, I also want to be a conduit of information. A beacon of hope. A leader of a new generation of...*sigh* Naw, I just wanna be able to show you more black lesbians in my posts. That's all. Cause we're hot and we're queer and we're here. Get used to it. And then get naked to it.

It's difficult enough finding anything *the gay* to post day after day, but finding clips of lesbians who are black and aren't being exploited...well, that's almost as rare as finding George Dubya on the "Spank & Tackle" float at the Miami PRIDE parade.

Of course there are plenty of beautiful, amazing black women who are lady-lovers. But for some reason, they've decided to hide their video cameras and eschew the lifeline that is Youtube.

Anyone who has asked me the question, or has been waiting patiently like I have to finally have *our* voice heard, fear not! There is hope.
And that hope's name is tiona. m.

She's been filming interviews with black lesbians for the past few years, and is currently editing what will be a feature documentary slated to come out later this year that includes over 50 interviews. "black./womyn.:conversations..." is my new favorite movie that I haven't seen yet. Here are some excerpts from the film...

On being an out, black lesbian:

On religion:

On taking chances:

I encourage everyone to go to the film's myspace page at www. myspace. com/tionamproductions and add tiona.m., leave messages of support, and stay tuned to release dates. You can also see lots more samples of the interviews that will be used in the film.
It feels like Christmas in September:-)"

UPDATE! The film is starting to show in different cities! Go to the myspace page to see details and to add your vote to which city you'd like to see it in.
Tell her Arlan sent you!


Minniesota said...

Thanks for this!

kishya said...

OMG i wanna see this film! i wish i were apart of it in some way. This is so freaking life changing, i need to see this film. Wish i were a helping hand in this.