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Monday, April 21, 2008


Alright so I don't speak Ukrainian, but since I do speak *hot* and *dyke*, with a focus on *hot dyke*, I can tell you that we need to get our hands on this film. The trailer made the mistake of showing us a LOT of man-talk and man-chest...with very little time given to boobies and lesbian nake-ticity. BUT...when it does show us what we want, it REALLY shows us what we want:

There's a bit of information on the film at IMDB at There's also a fan vid on youtube that will be taken down soon (so I'm not gonna post it here), but OH MY, and *ahem*. So yeah, go on a little scavenger hunt and find it. Jump on it.


jillian said...

The scavenger hunt on youtube did not disappoint!!
Made my afternoon a little happier =) thanks arlan!!!

rae said...

one the rocky beach, really? ouch.

shaevoyuer said...

great find. I've been waiting for this movie my whole life. Isn't like the history of lesbianism. What unites us all globally? Hmm. Allright, I won't look that deep into it.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Christ. That was...intense.