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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Her Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Words

Oooh Ms. Neathery. How you had me at an Alicia Silverstone-like hello with your crooked smile and your beautiful eyes. The way you were you like, 6 years older than me teaching me about World Politics and such in the 10th grade. I watched you walk back and forth, swaying my head in unison with that elegant stride you had and *danced like a dervish* with you to this song playing in my mind:

And oooh Mrs. So-and-so and your lesbian-like ways. I knew you were of the cloth way back then. But did you? Hope you do now! Cause that was me in the back of the classroom writing love notes to you as you taught us about the importance of a balanced diet and a healthy dose of daily exercise. Of course I wanted to be on a strict diet called "Our love," and I wanted our exercise to be that of lovemaking in the gym after school. But again, I was 17 and you were like...27, so it wasn't too creepy to daydream about you, right?

See those were two teachers I had mad crushes on when I was in high school. But if we go back to each year, starting in 2nd grade (holler, Ms. Aldy!) you could probably find a female teacher in each grade that I was crazy about. The thing is, none of those teachers were like this:

(Thanks to this awesome reader for hipping me to this vid!)

*drool* Me like smart lady.

So yeah, this chick's gimmick is that she wants to teach us about the origins of words while we stare at her boobs and try to decipher her accent, thus staring at her lips. I think it's a fantastic idea, and I love the whole vibe she's got going. Here's some more info about her from the bio on her official site
Her name is Marina Orlova, she’s 27 and she’s a philologist--someone who studies linguistics and etymology.. and in Marina’s case.. she has applied her Philology degree to specializing in word origins.

Marina burst in on the scene in mid 2007 launching her YouTube channel HotForWords, where she takes requests from YouTube viewers for words to discuss, and she releases about five videos each week discussing the origins of these words, in a fun and playful manner!

Indeed. You know what else is "fun and playful?" Boobs. And when I say "boobs," I mean, "her boobs." And when I say "her boobs," I of course mean, an intelligent and clever lass with what also seems to be terrific business sense, who I'd like to take to Red Lobster if given the opportunity. Free chedda biscuits for you, my dear. Just have your boobies call my people, and we'll do lunch (cause lunch is cheaper than dinner.)

If you want to see her 70+ videos (and I think you should) where she discusses the origins of other words, go to her youtube profile at!


Anonymous said...

Thank god for your blog sometimes because otherwise I would spend my work day actually working :)
Two things:
1 - "How you had me at an Alicia Silverstone-like hello with your crooked smile and your beautiful eyes."
--Hysterical, because every time I see Alicia Silverstone I myself comment on her crooked smile

2 - "Of course I wanted to be on a strict diet called "Our love,"
--also hysterical, I wish weightwatchers would have a diet plan called that cause I would be all about it

peace & <3

Kayla said...

Haha. The stuff about the teachers before the video made me laugh, because I am like, totally in love with my algebra teacher. She really can't be more than like 24. And she's actually gay. Holy crap, right? It's the only class I'm getting an A in... for some reason it's very easy to pay attention :D

Nemesis said...

oh dear, i'm in the middle of a teaching degree at the mo. Now I'm worried bout what the students will actually be thinking while i'm up there talking.

littlewolf said...

yeah, I, and apparently my best guy friends at the time totally had a crush on our middle school gym teacher. She was engaged and got married that year (and to a boy! for shame) but, that's the way the gym balls crumble.

HotForWords said...

Hey Arlan! Thanks for the awesome article mentioning me! Glad you like what I am doing :-)

Your favorite(?) philologist.


kim said...

Arlan, Arlan, rock our worlds with the blog.

teachers....omg my adult maths tutor (sadly straight. *sad face*) now she was truly too hot for words. i passed!!!! and may i just say a big thank you to her love of low cut god there is no view on earth quite like a nice pair of boobs.

jackie said...

hey arlan...i didn't even realize how many hot teachers i was in love with back in the day until you made me think about it! thanks for rekindling the memories...maybe i'll go back to junior college and get some play...

Anonymous said...

Hey Arlan, i really enjoyed this article. I was once able to actually follow through with a teacher crush within the past year. seven years separated us my freshmen year of college and she made school worth going too... having her for a couple of classes and only ten people in the class and being the only one showing up probably helped