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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Look! Unicorns. ...doin' it.

So I was lounging around last Friday night with a friend of mine and she was looking through a copy of an old issue of my magazine INTERLUDE. As she was flipping through it, all of a sudden she said...well...she said what I have now decided to make into a shirt. So um...yes, here you go ladies and gents.

Not sure how long I'll have these available. It depends on the demand. They're printed on SUPER SOFT and durable American Apparel shirts. Lots of colors and sizes (from youth small to men's 3XL) to choose from. I'll be printing the first batch this weekend...and sending them out early next week. So purchase now to get in on the first batch...

I love life.

what color would you like?
what size would you like?