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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a Cunning Linguist, Indeed!

As some of you know, I moved into a new apartment with two awesome (and British) roommates a month ago. I absolutely love the place. It's not anything too crazy, but it feels like home. I haven't had that feeling in a long time. I affectionately refer to our moderately-sized apartment as "The Ranch." In time, I hope to add a few things to The Ranch. Replacing the air mattress that I sleep on in my bedroom with a real bed is first on the list. I got some cool black and white posters of Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and 2Pac for my walls, and I'll never go a day without lighting a candle, cause it's just how I roll. In the future I'd also like to get some accessories to deck the place out. A stripper pole would be cute (and practical) somewhere. Perhaps in the middle of my bedroom. A vase. Some flowers. Some nice artwork.

Oh...and this:
(WARNING: Clicking on this vid will take you to a pornographic website, not suitable for work or school. 18+ ONLY.)

Yep. Basically this reader (btw, I'm not worthy) and I are gonna sit back on my IKEA couch and watch my newly installed piano + a bitch going down on another bitch COMBO together, while sipping margaritas and reminiscing about old times. And when I say "old times," I mean, that awesome time 2 minutes ago when that one chick went down on that other chick WHILE PLAYING PIANO at the same time.

Those were truly glorious days. Weren't they, awesome reader?

Ah yes, it's the age-old story of *girl meets girl, girl reads my private journal and sees what I dream about each night, girl then goes and rents piano and tongue wrestles other girl on top of said piano.* There must be a million books out there about it.

Now that we've got the breasts rolling, let's continue on this topic. Which objects have you or would you like to be cunningly linguisted atop? What amazing talent/skill has, or would you want the chick to be doing simultaneously while linguisting? I can't wait to hear your answers!


littlewolf said...

cunningly linguisted

*l* that's great

arlyn you are indeed a wordsmith

dc said...

THANK GOODNESS fo your warning:

(WARNING: Clicking on this vid will take you to a pornographic website, not suitable for work or school. 18+ ONLY.)

i put my job on the line day after day being a fan of your blog. today, you gave back.

thank you.

Robin said...

"would you want the chick to be doing simultaneously while linguisting?" Honestly? None. I'd rather she concentrated on what she was doing.

Although, at this stage, what with how long it's been and all, I guess I shouldn't be picky.

kathy said...

wow wow wow!.. and will you believe that the only song i know how to play on the piano is fur elise!!!.. coincidence?... i think not!... off to impress a girl i go!!..

Jeremy said...

That was a fantastic vid, i watched it twice! and i might watch again!!! I can play mary had a little lamb, i wonder if it would out work the same??? I guess i will have to go find out!

Niki said...

HOLY SHIT. I know fur elise too, the only song I know how to play but still. I think I need to learn how to do both at the same time now. THAT was fking HOT!

Will said...

Yo Arlan. Yeah, you. The one looking at the porno. Go update the "Stuff Lesbians Like" blog and I'll buy a Unicorn shirt.

Please? I will bow down to your holy lesbilicousness.