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Thursday, May 29, 2008

They Got That (Cherry) Bomb, Baby!

Like chicks? Like lesbians? Like talking about sex? Like wine? Like talking about sex with lesbian chicks while drinking wine? Well then you should all gather 'round your computer screens tomorrow (May 30th) when the new web talkshow "CHERRY BOMB" debuts on AfterEllen and LogoOnline! I know I will be.

A couple of these ladies are friends of mine in L.A., so that tells you two things: 1. They're hot, cause I only hang out with hot friends and only have hot readers:-) and 2. They can definitely TALK.

I've seen an advanced episode and I can tell you that you will be enthralled from the word GO. For serious. Their conversations are real, honest, raw, and sexy, and I think that all women--not just lesbians and bisexual women--can relate. To read more about each lady (hot) go to their myspace page and take a look around. If you add them as a friend or send them a message, let them know Arlan sent you:-)

I'll let you know when the first episode goes live tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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