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Monday, June 30, 2008

Online Radio "Appearance" TONIGHT at 8pm Pacific

Can you "appear" on radio? I don't think so. But uh, I'm gonna try. I'm going to be in "the studio" (aka, someone's crib) with my friends Lisa & Johnny (of the band KILLOLA). You might remember Lisa as the star of the lezzy web-series "GIRLTRASH." They have a weekly live show on Dave Navarro's online station "Spread Radio Live" and I'm crashin' it. You can listen in from anywhere in the world as I make my radio debut and try not to bore the hell out of you guys. Plus, they said I can choose a couple of the tracks, and you know how much I love that'll be fricktastic!


To listen in at 8pm Cali time, go to www. spreadradiolive. com/. I hope you'll tune in!

I'll try to sign onto AIM right before and during the show.

My screenname is ArlanWasHere if you wanna ask me anything or show me boobs or whatever.

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