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Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Day With Margaret Cho and Roseanne!

Is it Thursday? The days are all flowing together these days. I can't tell if that's cause I'm getting older, or if it's because working on the magazine is kicking my ass. Mayhaps a wee bit of both?

For those of you who've asked me to keep you up with what's going on with the making of INTERLUDE here's a little update. For those of you who find this part of things really boring and just wanna see boobies and chicks kissing, stay tuned to my blog later today as I will be providing both. :-)

So we started working on the issue 24 days ago. We have another 8 days or so before everything has to be ready to print. Putting together something like this is sort of like making an EP or a music video or a short film. It takes a LOT of talented people to pull together and a LOT of hard work. My role is that of the writer/director/producer, if you want to put it in terms of a making a video. Then think about ALL the other people who go into making something like this. I'm so excited to have the best photographer, assistant, copy editors, transcriber, designers, circulation manager, boob show-ers...EVER.

Every day is different while working on the mag. One day it'll be 12 hours gay straight of sitting on the computer, researching, writing, editing and losing my mind a bit more. And the next day it might be so much fun and surreal, you don't really believe it's happening. For instance, last Friday, my living room was transformed for a photo shoot (I used my crib so we could save money...we're doin' this indie style!). There were lights and cameras and make up and chicks everywhere. Those are the more fun days.

And speaking of surreal, I don't know about you guys, but I spent 9 years of my life growing up being entertained and educated by this woman and this tv show:

And today I am so proud, honored and be able to say that Roseanne is part of this (re)launch issue! As you know our two covers this issue are Australian singer Missy Higgins and comedian Margaret Cho. Roseanne interviewed Margaret for her cover story! Not only that, Roseanne suggested that we film the interview at her studio and she and Margaret would post little clips from it on their site all throughout the month of July to help me promote the magazine. How cool is that??

Today she came through on her promise and posted this clip on her personal site
It will soon also be on

This interview was one of the best I've ever had in the magazine and I can't wait for you guys to read it! To subscribe today, choose "add to cart" at the top of this site. Each subscription helps to keep the magazine going, so I thank you in advance!


Anonymous said...

Not sure about Roseanne's Lesbian cred.

She has made homophobic statements in the past, so I would take it all with a grain of salt

arlan said...

Yeah I read about those. She also publicly apologized and clarified her statements right after. It's interesting because most of the people she surrounds herself with are gay and lesbian--I know cause I met half of em last week. She's a loving mother and grandmother, and I know she's be so incredibly generous to me without really needing to be.

I know things that I've said have been twisted around later. And one day I'll have a conversation with Roseanne and post it, and see what she has to say about those particular comments. But I know how she treated me and my crew...who were all bi, lesbians, lesbian-friendly, etc...and it was with the utmost respect and equality.

I'm sure she'd be into talking to us (the site) about those statements...she seems like the kind of person who's up for that sort of conversation.

Samantha said...

"Is it Thursday?" As my grandfather used to say, 'it's ALWAYS Thursday'- except today.... it's Saturday.

Also, anonymous, I'm sure that if people selectively quoted from everything that I say to people (or any of my queer and queer friendly acquaintances say to people), you could come up with some kind homophobic spin. Fortunately though, the global media doesn't care what I rant about.