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Monday, June 30, 2008

Has Anyone Seen This Movie?

No, the movie isn't missing. But like, based on the poster alone, I wanna marry it.

Anyone seen it?

Thanks to this reader for letting me know about it.

And would you look at that. "That 70's Show" JUST appeared on my TV screen. Where's Alanis Morissette when you need her?


pecola said...

It's an interesting movie--all about post-coital conversations between couples. Unfortunately, Mila and Zoe are the only "lesbian" couple featured, but it's a pretty entertaining (read: HOT) few minutes.

Here's the video:

And yes, that's their entire part in the movie.

Laurence said...

Thanks for the link! that was entertaining!

kandy said...

hm i shud rent that kat was in crossroads with britney spears and her name was kat lol. that was hot i wish there was more

fredric_modlic said...

i just saw the movie & it was really quite good :)

Solo-Evolution said...

well....i saw only the part with the lucky once in a while :))) got excited about it and then I found out its only this bit about never actually saw the entire movie :)) maybe i ll do now..after reading the comments above:)

Anonymous said...

hey arlan!! ... there s a big lgbt event in montreal at the end of this month --> check this out:

crazzy said...

i liked the movie a lot
actually most of the couple conversations are funny
and i liked the ending couple very sarcastic you should definitely see it

sage said...

I haven't seen you mention it but your wife Katharine Mcphee is in a movie called the house bunny with anna faris