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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Penelope Cruz Would Go Gay For... Well Any Hot Blonde, Really.

I'm totally going to see "Tropic Thunder" sometime this week so I can see Robert Downey, Jr's portrayal of a white Australian's portrayal of a black American. Some peeps are boycotting the movie, but I want to see it before I judge it. And uh, it looks funny. So I'll check it out.

And since I'll already be at the theater and, ya know, hangin out, I might just stop by a screening of Vicky Christina Barcelona. It's not a big deal, It just has Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansen in a BISEXUAL SEX ROMP THREESOME SEX FUELED ORGY. No biggie.

Penelope loves her some lesbian-friendly shiz, doesn't she? You might remember a few years ago the movie "Head in the Clouds" where she once again showed her impeccable taste by snogging Charlize Theron:

And then of course a few months ago when she and bff Selma Hayek had a field day with the press by ackin all gay and shiz in public. That was cute...but who knew about this?? It gets really interesting at around the 3min mark...

You're welcome.


Emily said...

Thanks ^.^

Anonymous said...

that woman is DAMN fine.