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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Self Defense and Masturbation

Alex, the correct question is, "What are classes they should have offered in my high school and that should have been taught by these two girls?"

Neither I nor this flippin' sweet reader who brought this to my attention know what all the jibber-jabber the chick's talking about really means...but we do know good times when we see it. And this my friends, is good times. The even better news is, this video was originally posted in November of 2006, which means that these chicks are even older now. Even legal-er, if you will.

Seriously, it's best to watch this once with the sound on so you kinda know whats going on, and then watch it the 2nd time on mute so you can get the most out of it. And theeen, when you're all good and educated up, I challenge you all to a weird yet sexy mat wrestling/self defense/gratuitous boob-fest. May the best clueless woman in little-to-no-clothing all greased up and straddling another clueless woman WIN!

And yes, much like lots of the things I post, I think we can all agree that everybody wins in this situation. Even the dude who's looking over your shoulder at work while you try to secretly watch this on your smoke break. Even Edward wins.

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yenbar said...

How soon can we all sign up for this class?!!!