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Monday, December 22, 2008

Introducing: Courtney Fairchild... (again!)

I've known super-*out* singer/songwriter Courtney Fairchild for frickin' EVER. We met back in my hometown of Dallas, TX a few years ago when she was only allowed into bars to perform (cause she was a wee lass, not cause she was a known kleptomaniac or anything). She's now based out of Philadelphia and frequently plays shows on the east coast, in Texas and southern California.

Check out a few of my favorite performances of hers...

"Dog Wouldn't Run" (written by Patty Larkin)

"Dragonfly" by Courtney Fairchild

"Overlap" (written by Ani Difranco)

...and add her as a friend @
if you dig what you hear. I'm sure if you ask her nicely enough, she'll come to your town and perform.

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