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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My L Word Recap Coming in a Few Hours...

Sorry for the delay's been a crazy day of seeing old friends and celebrating MLK day plus the Inauguration + some other bizness... I'm working on it though during breaks and am half-way done...will bulletin when it's ready:-) (should be up by late Tuesday night!)

Thanks for caring about it!!

Here's something to hold you over for a bit:


Miss Emily said...

I'm ashamed to have to ask this, but what are the movies in here? The only one I recognized was Imagine Me and You. I'm a new lesbian...still learning all the cult movies.

Robin Rigby said...

According to folks posting comments on You Tube the line up is as follows:

0: Nina's Heavenly Delight
0:23: Red Doors
0:35: South of Nowhere
0:57: Degrassi Next Generation
1:07: Red Doors
1:22: Imagine Me and You
1:28: Degrassi
1:36: Nina's Heavenly Delight
2.12 All My Children
2.47 Nina's Heavenly Delight
3.14 Saving Face

There's some clips not ID'd, but I think it's a lot of repeats from the same movies.

Arlan, what's up with the top 10 list?