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Friday, February 27, 2009

UPDATED!! Win All-Access Dinah Shore Tickets!

Turn in your video or photograph entries by TODAY, WEDNESDAY March 4th at 11:00pm CENTRAL USA time (9pm Pacific, midnight Eastern) Be sure to read all of the rules below before entering!!

Originally posted last week:

*Dinah Shore Weekend takes place in Palm Springs, California April 1st-April 5th!

Club Skirts Dinah - featuring appearances by:


Indigo Girls

Katy Perry

Margaret Cho

Uh Huh Her

God-Des & She

Gina Yashere

...and sooo much more!

CLICK HERE to get lots more information and to purchase your tickets!!


I am SO excited to be able to officially announce that Dinah - Club Skirts has given me two (2) All-Access Passes to give away on my site! Two winners will be chosen and will have their tickets waiting for them at Club Skirts' Will Call at Dinah. Please keep in mind that this prize does NOT include transportation or accommodations. But it DOES include thousands of topless, wet, mostly drunk chicks who really want to get to know you. Don't forget to bring your beads *wink wink*

To enter, upload a video to youtube (or your favorite video site) telling me and my readers why you should be chosen. It can be as simple as a straight forward vid with you sitting in a chair whispering "Cause it's the only time I'll EVER get to see real life lesbians in person," to an all-out party where you get 20 of your friends to cover you in whipped cream and vouch for you on camera. You can sing, dance, juggle, rap, yodel, stand there looking pretty, do a lesbian montage somethin' or other, or whatever you decide.

UPDATE: In the interest of fairness, if you don't have access to a video camera, an alternative is to send a link to a special PHOTOGRAPH that you take for the contest. (Be creative! - *coughsignageorsomethingcough*)

Don't do anything illegal. Don't do anything (too) stupid. And unfortunately you can't show me your nipples or your vag. Believe me, that part is NOT my rule. Hmph.

YOU MUST BE 21 or OLDER as of April 1st, 2009 to enter & win!

Videos should be no shorter than 60 seconds and no longer than 5 minutes.

Turn in your video or photograph (by leaving your first name, email, myspace or facebook info, and LINK to the video/photograph as a comment on THIS POST!!) by Wednesday, March 4th and I'll choose the top 5 to be voted on by all of YDLM's readers. We'll vote March 5th & 6th and the winners will be announced on Saturday, March 7th. The top 2 winners will win ONE pass each!

(This vid is from the 2007 Club Skirts Dinah event, and gives you a great idea of what to expect!)

-Thursday's Opening Night party with Fannius III
-Friday's Night's White Diamond's Party with Katy Perry
-Saturday's Cabana Girl Pool Party with Uh Huh Her and Dinah Idol
-Saturday Night's The Hollywood Party with Lady Gaga and The Celebrity Fashion Show with stars such as The L Word's Elizabeth Keener, Work Out's Briana Stockton, Queer as Folk's Michelle Clunie, Exes & Oh's Michelle Paradise, Sirius Radio's Romaine Patterson, Here TV's Jill Bennett & Cathy DeBuono, and surprise guests that will knock your socks off
-Sunday's Wet And Wild Pool Party with Robin S and God-Des and She
-Sunday Night's Closing Party where you never know who shows up!

*thank you again to Mariah Hanson and Club Skirts for the ticket prizes!


Miss Kris said...

Aww damn. You have to be 21? :( I'm so sad. It sucks being 19. There are no lesbians in this small town.

Anonymous said...

...I hope the real women of this lineup gang up and take down Katy Perry. Ugh. I would be insulted that she's in the lineup if I was the Indigo Girls, Uh Huh Her, or... actually... any of the other people.

chelsea said...

ahh. my friend and i were gonna submit a video, but the deadline was an hour and a half ago! oh no!

arlan said...

chelsea, submit your vid! go on... :-)

chelsea said...

i would, but i just realized i can't leave that week anyway. :(
next year for sure!