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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Clementine Comes Out Of Closet (Again), So I Come Out Of Hiding

Yeah, I've totally been m.i.a. on the blog and myspace recently, I know. But if you follow me on Twitter or are my friend on Facebook, you know that I'm still alive, still busy and still crushin' on the ladies.

One such crush is of course Clementine Ford (aka "Molly" on the L Word). Over the past few weeks she's "come out" on the cover of DIVA, gone back into the closet in an interview with and now most recently, come BACK out of the closet in the Advocate (click here to read the new interview!). It's all a long story, but the short version is this: Clementine is gay, y'all, or whatever label works for you that means she likes making sweet love to the ladies. She's not ashamed of it. She never denied it. She was misquoted in Diva and felt her fans were mislead by the cover's text. And when she tried to explain that in TVGuide, she was once again misrepresented.

I think this means Ms. Clementine just needs to do more video interviews (*cough*withME!*cough) in the future.

She doesn't want her sexual orientation to be the first thing you think of when you see/hear her. Lucky for her, it's not! The first thing I think of when I see/hear Clementine Ford? It goes a little something like this:

"Wow. That hurt and this floor is sticky. I should really stand up again cause its embarrassing down here. Wonder if she saw me fall. Ooh...Clementine's really hot even from this angle. Her eyes sparkle, like an angel's would. I'm of course just assuming since I've never seen a real angel in person. Unless you count that time Rachel Shelley gave me a sponge bath in a standalone tub in my dream Rome. I wonder if those are color contacts. Prolly not cause they wouldn't make em sparkle like that. Hmm, wonder if she's single. Prolly so. Wonder if she likes chubby black girls with a decent sense of humor who don't enunciate enough. Wonder if she shops at Target like me. Wonder if she has a she can drive us around on our dates. Sparkly eyes...sweet smile...oh, and would you look at that: cleavage. The full package. I should really, REALLY stand up now."

So there you go...but hey Clem, next time you get interviewed and you're tired of talking about this subject, just send the interviewer this clip and come meet me for a drink instead:


Jeru said...

Arlan, the description of what goes through your head on the floor when you see Clementine = priceless. My thoughts exactly. haha

Miss Kris said...

Did you know Rachel Shelly is pregnant? 5 months along.

Kris said...

I just turned my tv on and The Young and The Restless is on and Clementine is on it. Though you would like to know. I'm not sure how long she is on for.