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Monday, April 06, 2009

My Mom and her BFF Rachel Maddow

You guys know how much I love the random conversations I have on the phone with my mom. There's a lot of deep stuff going on with her right now (health wise) and so recently our conversations have been filled with less laughter than before. BUT she always manages to sneak in a gem here and there.

A few days ago she couldn't WAIT to call me and tell me what her friend Rachel told her that day. Who was this "friend" Rachel? Turns out my mom refers to Rachel Maddow as just "Rachel" and I'm supposed to automatically know what she's talking about. Well turns out that Rach let my mom know that Iowa is now allowing gay marriage. Yep, I had heard earlier in the day, but was so proud of my mama for being so proud of Iowa:-)

Here's my mom's bff Rach tellin' it like it (thankfully) is:

Now if only California would get in gear...hmmm...



Tempest said...

Yay! I just so happen to live in Iowa, and my fiance and I are going to be one of the first lesbian couples to get married here on the 24th!


missdewi said...

i just might move to iowa.. uhm maybe vermont..